Paloma Góngora

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I’m a multidisciplinary maker: artisan and artist. Always learning and being inspired. I never work by the book but step aside instead. I’m eager for new findings, getting dirty,  making errors and trials starting over until I get what I envision.

I started with this 3D Black & White Bridges Series 2 years ago as a metaphor of the difficult times we were in. Bridges are a sign of strength and connection. I choose suspension bridges as a symbol human weakness and flatness, a metaphor that explains the consistency of a whole. Suspension tubes allows me to move them freely within the composition.

Determination, perseverance and certainty drove to this point in my life where I can firmly say  I’m back on the road of my artistic journey. 


Brooklyn Bridge I
Brooklyn Bridge III

Paloma (b1971).Descendant of artists: daughter and great-niece of painters, spouse of a music composer and film maker, mother of 3 musicians, grand-daughter of movie teachers owner. It is said that I breathed arts and culture since birth. Fashion designer with a 15 years career in the industry. I moved to USA in 2013 where I produced the feature documentary Unraveling Athena whilst re-emerging professionally as a repurposed furniture designer and maker, artist and artisan.

United States
New York
United States
New York City



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