Anica Archip

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For most of my life I've been uncomfortable being photographed and exposing a lot of skin - even at the beach. Like most females growing up in a big city, the unsolicited attention experienced left me feeling ashamed of my body. Now, as a mature woman I've been working to reclaim my self-image through my art. My self-portaitures challenge me to see the sensual, powerful nature of my female form, both soft and strong, and present it to the viewer on my terms. 

My shooting style is spontaneous, I find freedom of expression being in the moment, unplanned, unconstrained. I'm inspired by the influence of light on form and the shapes it creates. I decontextualize the image so that the angles and shapes I see take prominence. As I reconstruct I hardly ever know what the final piece will look like.

"A Study in Mathematics & Engineering: Vectors", 2020, Digital Photography
"A Study in Mathematics & Engineering: Triangle", 2020, Digital Photography
"Geometry: Angles & Curves 1", 2019, Digital Photography
"Geometry: Angles & Curves 2", 2020, Digital Photography
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