Mental and Art Competition


#Mental - Stories
November 2020


Russian Federation
Titile: PROZAC This is an ongoing project that I started a few years ago. I called it Prozac after a famous antidepressant prescribed for the treatment of major depressive disorder.  Since I was 20 I have been prone to depression. Finding antidepressants unhelpful, I decided to get out of Mo...
United States of America
The last several years have held too much loss. People who I love dearly yanked away. Some seeing no other way, but an end by their own hand. I still struggle to process it. As someone who battles with depression, I can understand the wish to leave this life behind. With each loss mor...
United States of America
"How are you?", asks everyone you meet. I answer simply that I'm:   "Holding It Together" It's 'Just a Scratch'. A little road rash. But I'm holding it together.   Don't mean to bitch, But I'm 'Slippin' a Stitch'. I feel I could untether.   Won'...
During 2017 I experienced a strong anxiety crisis that came into my life all of a sudden. I have always been an anxious person but didn't know it until I started experiencing panic attacks and not sleeping at night. Something inside me had broken and it would not let me continue with my day to day....
"Feeling BLUE" is a series about emotional sadness and lack of energy. "With this series I want to virtually engage in with other emotional people by pointing out that crying is the body's way to reduce but also process emotional stress, therefore it is needed. We live in a world where there is s...
"Imposibility of love turn all mankind of man to mad one"
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Banja Luka
I'm very often talking about mental health in my artworks, in a creative and conceptual way because there is so much stigma around it and I will never stop talking about it. It's hard to explain how it feels, how it looks like and that reaching for help is not a shame, it can sav...
Dear My Love,   I don’t even know where to begin. Did you know that to become a butterfly, a caterpillar first needs to digest itself? (Jabr). It needs to take in every flaw, imperfection, and absorb in itself entirely. Otherwise, it can’t become the butterfly. Maybe that is what it...
There are moments and unfortunately such moments occur quite often when you do not want to leave the room, do not want to leave the house, you do not want to get up in the morning or do not want to get up at all. You do not even know what you want, you have lost the appetite, you cannot enjoy f...
Studio Upstairs is a project I started in 2016. Following the loss of my elder brother in a tragic accident, I needed to focus on something to help me cope through the intense mourning process. Through my creative outlet being mainly photography and writing at the time, I sought to explore how...