Mental and Art Competition


#Mental - Stories
November 2020


United Kingdom
Introduction These photographs are part of my collection Hidden Canvases of Brighton, showcasing hidden pieces of work through abstract compositions. My work has always been rooted in my intrigue of rusting objects and deteriorating surfaces – the ugly and ignored. Photography has always bee...
  My work tells of an enigmatic, entrancing world, in which dreams and reality intertwine and serve as equal counterparts to each other's surreal existence. "Lost and Found" belongs to a part of said world, as it focuses on mental health and fragility. My photography aims to intrigue, cha...
United Kingdom
After a suicide attempt in my early twenties, I began 25 years in and out of therapy. I’d often end feeling a bit better but it wouldn't last and before long, I was seeking out someone else to work with. Asking for help always felt the most difficult part - doing it time after time was exhausting....
United Kingdom
My work is often drawn from experiences in my own life. I define my personality as hypersensitive, meaning I am often on high alert with my surroundings. This is both a blessing as well as a disadvantage. Whilst I tend to notice the beauty in the mundane, my mind can very quickly become ov...
"Imposibility of love turn all mankind of man to mad one"
United States of America
The transformation of our faces, the mirror  of our soul when we face mental issues. Isolation take us to the brink of desperation and  agony.
United Kingdom
Michael Morgan ‘Grassroots’   The phrase “living for the weekend” is a term that almost all of us can relate to, whether it’s partying with friends, spending time with loved ones or for many of those who participate in Amateur sports. The world of Sunday league football to some of us may...
"Feeling BLUE" is a series about emotional sadness and lack of energy. "With this series I want to virtually engage in with other emotional people by pointing out that crying is the body's way to reduce but also process emotional stress, therefore it is needed. We live in a world where there is s...
Russian Federation
Two years ago I was struck by the story, told by my mother-in-law. Her pretty young neighbour gave birth to a nice healthy child. She arrived home from maternity center looking quite happy, put the baby into his crib, took a rope and hang herself on a chandelier. That is how I faced the post-pa...
Mental illness is a topic I strongly relate to. I suffer from strong anxiety attacks, and five years ago, I had to struggle with strong depression. The depression was partly caused by external causes like a broken heart, traumatic family issues and a very unsafe living situation - but also my family...




Open Call for powerful visual stories on mental health, the contest aim to exploring the
topic in photography through the lens of artists, showcases the reality of those who
directly or indirectly confront the challenges of mental problem and to
raise awareness of mental health issues.

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