Mental and Art Competition


#Mental - Stories
November 2020


Mental illness is a topic I strongly relate to. I suffer from strong anxiety attacks, and five years ago, I had to struggle with strong depression. The depression was partly caused by external causes like a broken heart, traumatic family issues and a very unsafe living situation - but also my family...
United Kingdom
Michael Morgan ‘Grassroots’   The phrase “living for the weekend” is a term that almost all of us can relate to, whether it’s partying with friends, spending time with loved ones or for many of those who participate in Amateur sports. The world of Sunday league football to some of us may...




Open Call for powerful visual stories on mental health, the contest aim to exploring the
topic in photography through the lens of artists, showcases the reality of those who
directly or indirectly confront the challenges of mental problem and to
raise awareness of mental health issues.

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