Brian Trees


These photos depict the challenges faced by people experiencing Depression and Bipolar Disorder, and sources of hope.  Too many people are lost to suicide.  All face challenges every day, including the yo-yo of mania and depression, forfeiture of independence and decision making to others, daily difficulties with getting up and pulling out of the darkness and lonliness and inability to find empathetic people who can help.  It is difficult to look at the blank, expressionless, discouraged faces of people confronted with mental illness.  At the same time, there is hope and beauty and opportunities to see the positive and rise up.

Abandoned phone booths in the desert in Arizona, showing that at times there is no way of calling for help
Monument Valley, Utah in the morning - a reminder of beauty and hope
Seabirds in Florida - soaring high and free and invoking joy
Reddish clouds after a severe thunderstorm conveying the message that there is solace and respite after the worst
Solitary tree. Showing how alone people with mental illness feel, looking into the darkness