George Holder

Heroin addiction has plagued my dad for over half his life and most of mine, and although he no longer uses it, his past life still spills over into the present and is still very much visible. We had never spoken about his addiction until I started this project and it has become an eye opening experience for me as a son, and has given me a better understanding of my father’s struggles and the family dynamic they have created. He’s tied down by associations and carries the consequences of his actions from darker days. Through imagery and dialogue this project will hopefully give the viewer an insight into the struggles of those who suffer with addiction that is better than the mainstream media portrays, and how it shapes the individuals mental health.

“It’s fucking like work, it’s wake up, need drugs, have to go and do either something to get the money for drugs or if you’re fortunate you’ve got the money and then you’ve gotta fucking wait around half the day for some twat who says like “Yeah I’m 20 minutes way” or fucking “I’m at the top of the road I can see ya” You fucking know damn well he’s lying. Yeah it’s fucking hard work.”