Samira Sabulis

"Unspoken Stories" involves expressive art therapy to help women heal from traumatic experiences and further their emotional, cognitive, and social integration through music, photography and movement.

This work talks about the crushing weight of the lies we carry, and how vulnerable they make us. The lies we tell ourselves, the way we hide our trauma behind them, thinking it makes us stronger, but in fact it crushes us.
Delusion is coming and one becomes a knot of self doubt and painful memories, vulnerable, naked and alone, unable to move, reliving again and again moments in time. She senses that the episode is approaching, yet does not know how to stop it, like a small child, she curls in a ball hoping to protect herself from the pain.
Reality is Just A story, I have a body, I am not the body. Nothing that happened to that body , happened to me, yet I am lost in between in search of myself.
Purging the madness in a moment of being lost and alone, unable to call for help. It has reached bearable limits.
The waves of madness passing through, unsure when the episode will be over, unable to stop the thoughts and feelings that are overtaking the body, hold on to your chair, it will be a ride to remember.