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I had just arrived a few days before at my artist residency in rural India, near a small village called Andore in Rajasthan. I was there to photograph and identify wildlife as reference material for my scratchboard portraits. I had acquainted myself with the surrounding farms and the pathways through them, but I was excited to explore beyond the fields into the desert. The harsh landscape was a maze of thorn bushes, rolling sandy hills punctuated by rocky crests, and dusty trails made by goat herders. I didn't know yet what I would find out there, but I knew that is where large Indian antelopes called Nilgai roamed and leopards prowled the heights. I headed out from the residency late one afternoon, as midday was too hot in the desert, eager to see what I could find. I had just passed the edge of the surrounding farmlands, ready to head down the trail into the desert, when I spotted a bird perched on a short fence post. I was only able to snap two quick photographs before it took off, as it was just a fleeting moment, but this one of the Eurasian Sparrowhawk stays with me as a snapshot of wild India.

A Eurasian Sparrowhawk takes off from a fence post in rural India.

Nathan Cole is an artist, photographer, and writer working out of Toronto, Canada. Nathan attended the Farm Studio artist residency in Rajasthan, India and the Mauser EcoHouse residency in Costa Rica after winning the Nanci Christopher photography grant. Nathan has exhibited his work at the Super Wonder Gallery, Queen West Art Crawl, and Beaux Arts Brampton, as well as Eduardo Lira Gallery in Miami where he was a semi-finalist for ARTBOX.Projects and he was the 3rd place winner in the 2nd edition of the Boynes Emerging Artist Award. His artwork has also been featured in Murze and ArtAscent Magazines.

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