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Panic attack.

Analogic photography. Double exposure. Kiev 88. Ilford HP5 400

This photographic series was made during a personal search for the expression of my discomfort.
I was never able to put into words what I felt (still feel) with my panic attacks, but one evening, after developing the film on the reel, I noticed my involuntary tale. Each of these photographs speaks of a precise moment of the panic attack, of when it begins and how it ends.
As I said before, I have a hard time expressing what I feel in words, but the pictures speak for themselves, they will have a small description of the stage of the panic attack.

Stage 1 asphyxiation or hyperventilation; I am alive but paralyzed  
Stage 2 increasingly strong tachycardia; A bad feeling.
Stage 3 tremors in the arms and legs; I feel a little pain, it happens when you are broken,
Stage 4 chest tightness or discomfort; Emotionally impaired
Stage 3 fear of dying; I have no chance. 

My name is Viviana Dal Lago, I studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa, and I am currently studying the infinite expressions that analogue photography can give, they are constantly changing.

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