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This is a series of self-portraits discovering self-consciousness and honest representations. Inspired by the average appearance surveys and the story of the blind men and an elephant. It is both amazing and disappointing to realize that we can never actually see our faces.

We always see ourselves through reflective surfaces, or with the help of technology. I always feel insecure and sort of lying when I put a photo of myself whenever I’m asked to. Is it me? The question, to me, is similar to when you only touch the elephant’s feet, can you tell what it is?  How, and why is a single picture capable of representing me. If I’m going to get a more complete image of myself, I need to see and record more of myself. Therefore, The self-portrait is painted over and over again, at different times, in different moods, on different surfaces. Because a lot has changed, the outcomes of the project become very different from one another. And this series of self-portrait is considered as a whole work to represent myself in a more accurate, honest, and complete way.

double chin
oil on canvas 16" x 22"
self portrait
oil on canvas 16" x 22"



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