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Portraits of freedom.For this project I interviewed many people asking them what Freedom ment to them. I took 2 portrait photographs of each person, based on there answers I recreated different versions of themselves. The 2 images that I have chosen from the serie are of a trans gender friend of mine. When I asked her "what does freedom feel like to you" she answered ( moving fast but slowly at the same time ). When I asked her "what does freedom look like to you" she answered ( like soft white powder, like a person with no face, no gender, no name, just being, floating, like a living ghost ). We are all beautiful in our own way, we all desire to be truely free whatever that may look like. When faced with the unknown the mind deepens in thought. Its important to feel and ask questions and not be affraid of the answers. In what is shocking and unexpected creates emotion.

Through my work i seek to explore the relationships between life and death, power and desire, gender and sexuality. There is no such thing as perfection when it comes to the human form. We are nothing more than a complex tool to perform. I wish to portait my images as powerful but vunerable, compelling the viewer to quickly analise what they are seeing, imagining the unknown, feeling shocked but not knowing why.

The human body for me is the most facinating and absorbing unique form and subject to photograph.
Our physical form is constatly undergoing a process of decay and reconstruction.
What is ugly is also beautiful.
My work aims to provoke and unsettle, bring beauty into something unsual and possibley distrubing.
From investigating the behaviors that are viewed as incompatible with cultural expectations it allows me to explore the feelings of masculinity and femininaty.
With these images i seek to alter the balance of power between man and woman.
In my view the first fact of the human existiance is the human body.
If you embrace the reality of the human body you embrace mortality.
I see the human body as the best picture of the human soul.
Throught some of my works i experiment with different substances and texture which alows me to explore my fasination with preserving the beauty of the bodies natural state.
For me the human form is a constant state of transformation aesthetic and elegant, lifeless but living.


As a young artist I started my career in Geneva Switzerland, working with a Gallery called Analix Forever.

It was there where my passion to portray my photographs as art exploded, non perfect pictures of ordanariy things, captured and enlarged to expose the beautiful detail that people ignore.

I wish to explore what is private and what is public and where the line that divides the two lies, wheather that line exists at all anymore.

The popular culture that we share and the way the culture leaves its imprint on individuals in their most public and private moments.

I seek to make the viewer question what they see to create an instant emotion of enigma.

Strong contrast and limited light in some cases can produce a hard and somewhat morbid effect, which i like.

It is my hope to create an intimate conversation that takes the viewer to a place of quiet contemplation. 

To create a sense of mistery and confusion as what one person assumes is different from another.

The unknown element of what is real or not real makes the viewer really think about what they are seeing.

I use photography as a means of self-expression, to make pictures for myself, and to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand reality, and to express my interpretation of the world around me. 

To also interact with people I would otherwise not be able to engage with. 

My goal is to capture each moment that i wish to remember, to freeze sections of time and to open an unexplored world, a place of curious self expression, but also a world of new relationships, new chances new beginnings and most importantly new stories.

Photography is one way that I am able to experience the moment, suspend time and enjoy the present.



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