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Jelena Petkovic

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My body of work consist mostly of figurative oil paintings which are dominated by portraits of women. They are recognizable by the use of geometric shapes that construct the portrait and the background, and by bright contrasting colors.

My drawings are not realistic, rather naïve or even cartoonesque, and I use them as a platform for the painting’s theme, which come alive through the details in the painting.

Geometry helps me building the idea of each painting. It’s like a book, made out of many words but having one central theme behind it. Each shape is a symbol of one or several parts of ourselves. We can be calm but passionate, kind but angry, we can’t be put in a few words and even if we could, we are forever changing and a part of a bigger picture: family, country, culture, humanity. The geometry is a tool to construct a story in a harmonious image where everything has its own place.

I enjoy colors, their brightness and strong contrast simply because they give me a positive sensation, they make me automatically happy. When looking at my paintings, I want the joyous combination of colors to be the first impression, bringing high energy to the story that unfolds in the details.

It feels to me that the biggest problem of today is that we feel separated from everyone and everything. It seems that it’s the root cause of the ecological crisis, of wars, of violence, and generally of the lack of compassion. And yet this is so far from our wishes, no one wants to be alone and excluded from its environment. So in my paintings I take the portrait of a human, a woman, and I make her part of a story, I intertwine her with her environment. Through colors I want to show the vibrant beauty of everything, and through a portrait, us as a part of it.

Inspired by the nature and all its generosity, the painting “Life source” is celebrating bees and their importance in our life as well as for the environment. These beautiful little black and yellow buzzers are our suppliers of food as they pollinate 70 out of the top 100 crops which make 90% of the world’s food production. Not only are they the survival kit for this planet but they are as important for the survival of Earth’s ecosystems. It is amazing what these little guys do for all life on the planet and that without them we humans, and many other animal and vegetal species, probably wouldn’t be existing. We are already losing our population of bees and our need for food is higher than ever, so we all need to help our bees to recover. So, please the next time you see a little hard-working bee going around doing its work so that we can all feed, don’t be scared, don’t attack, be grateful for his generous donation to us all.

Jelena Petkovic is an oil painter, born in 1990 in Belgrade, Serbia, currently living in Paris. She is a young, passionate artist with a BA of Interior Design from the Faculty of art and design at MEGATREND University (Serbia), at the very start of an artistic career. Born in a family of architect and artist, her career has been between design and arts. Moving to Paris lead her to pursue her passion for oil painting. During 2017-2018 she created a series of twenty oil paintings, a collection of abstract portraits of women. Just a month after her last painting was finished, her collection was exhibited in January 2019 at the CIEM, Paris. In 2020 among her bigger achievements are Best in show award in "All Planet Earth" Art Competition; an artist showcase at Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery; being published in BlueBee art magazine and having an interview with “South Art Dealer” art gallery director. In 2021 she is continuing to build her career as an artist with two online exhibits with online galleries: Art Gallery 118 and Yosemite Sierra Artists group.



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