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Art for me is an outlet for expressing my views on life and spirituality. I am especially concentrating on the human condition and the purpose of our life here on earth. Also art has a therapeutic meditative effect on me, the place where I can recollect my thoughts and calm the mind. Overall my art creation process is intuitive. It starts with an idea, but this idea changes as I create, and morphs into something new and unexpected. At the end I am surprising myself with the result, and I love this unpredictable route my process of creating is taking.

I love expressing myself in a variety of mediums, but for the most part I paint figurative art in oils, mainly concentrating on the human figure. Through each painting I am trying to convey a message beyond our basic existence, which I hope connects with the viewer.

100 x 81 cm, oil on canvas.

Adela is a figurative artist and illustrator living in Spain. She has been practicing art since a child, and studied art in educational environments for 7 years. Adela moved from Romania to Canada as a young adult, where she studied Multimedia Design in Montreal at the IADT College and Visual Studies for one year at the University of Toronto. Later on she became a Canadian citizen. Adela has 17+ years of experience in graphic and web design and continued to create art. She lived in 4 countries and traveled to 29 countries, immersing herself in different cultures that influenced her way of creating and changed her medium of expression.

She has now slowed down and now lives in Spain and loves painting with oils, exploring the human figure and especially creating portraits that focus on expressions adding a hint of the feelings and soul behind the mask that is our face. Her mission is to send subtle messages through her artwork that awaken a connection in the spectator’s soul essence. She has participated in international group exhibitions in Spain, Uk, Italy and Greece.

Member of Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE)
Member of CulturArte Association in Valencia, Spain
Member of International Online Art Collective



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