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Katya Kononenko

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Katya Kononenko is a young Ukrainian contemporary artist. She is engaged in abstraction, exploring states, experiences, thoughts, difficulties through colors, shapes, lines and textures. Mainly artworks made with oil, acrylic on canvas, ink on paper. 

Katya Kononenko was born in Ukraine. She has a Masters Degree in Psychology. She has studied color psychology and art therapy while studying at the Kyiv National University named Tarasa Shevchenko. Knowledge of the world, herself, active lifestyle (travelings, volunteering, visiting European and Ukrainian exhibitions in galleries and art museums, reading books) provoked Kateryna to leave office work and switch to art. She started her professional artistic path in 2019. Before that, art existed as a hobby.

An artist works in the genre of art play. It is a depiction of history on canvas, as acts in a play, with the main characters, the culmination and development of events. This is a figurative storyboard, where the text is no less important than the picture.

In her series of works, Kateryna travels unconsciously through nautical images, reflects on experiences during quarantine, seeks an answer to the national idea through awareness of identity, expresses a 3D impression of the beauty of nature through abstract textured landscapes, reflects on femininity and masculinity, combines picture and texts through the story of the main characters of the art plays. An artist tries to provoke thoughts, sensory sensations, and emotional states in a viewer.

When the painter is choosing some techniques, she is guided by the idea for the artwork.

Viewers and collectors note the emotionality and expression of the artworks, the boldness and brightness of colors and textures, motivation to explore their own capabilities and the world around them, interested in ideas and characters in the paintings.

Lives and works in Kyiv.

Self-Portrait: Abstract Adult
Oil on canvas, 100*80 cm, 2020 I was talking with my mom and making some abstract sketch with The Petal and The Molecule. In a few minutes, I had found, that I had done the portrait. So I named it Self portrait: The Abstract Adult. ⠀ I remembered the theory of 3 person's roles by Eric Bern: Adult, Child, and Parent. So I made 3 Self-portraits. Today I introduce you my Abstract Adult, which: ● works on the computer, ● achieves goals ● decides which way to go in life, ● separates garbage, ● knows how to cook and wash the pan, ● meditates ● self-developing, ● reflects, ● manages finances, ● reads books ● thinks critically ● has a civil position, ● has her own opinion , .. and so on.
Self-Portrait: Abstract Child
Oil, oil pastel on canvas, 100*80 cm, 2020 I remembered the theory of 3 person's roles by Eric Bern: Adult, Child, and Parent. So I made 3 Self-portraits ⠀ This is my Abstract Child, which: ● Plays ● Creates ● Likes to hug ● Sometimes cries ● Loves animals and nature ● Discoveries the world ● Travels ● Shines ● Is capricious ● Makes mistakes ⠀ I was trying to play with colors, shapes, dots, canvas, techniques during the painting process like a child plays with the world. I was very excited.



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