The Creepy Cabal

the set nyc presents: The Creepy Cabal , Nov 2021 shows.   Art shows, fashion shows,  zoom.   New York City and internationally.  Show work, connect with new people and artists and models and fine artists.  Connect with agents and art dealers.   Help end child trafficking, protecting the kids #love , our mission is to help the youth , helping artists, helping end child trafficking. Bringing awareness and love to supporting babies .  End child trafficking, hosted by PimComedy.  Avant garde and experimental , high fashion.   www.thesetnyc.com 

"ABSTRACT" Online Juried Art Exhibition

Gallery Ring announces a contest devoted to Abstract works of art. 

The fee is $20 US for 1-3 pieces.  The deadline to submit work is Monday, October 18th 2021.

Seeking Artists: Fashion Week NYFW

the set nyc seeking artists,   Fashion Week FW 2021.  Helping end child trafficking, the mission is to help the kids and the youth!  Showcasing art work, art sales, creating a better world and community.  Helping the kids and the world.  With all the anger and strife in the world, we need more art and art shows! #love, our IG:  www.instagram.com/setnyc , we use the ZOOM platform.  Networking, art sales, art chatting, helping end child trafficking, supporting the kids !  www.thesetnyc.com/giveback


“Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes....Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.”

― Arshile Gorky

Abstract art is an incredibly broad visual genre, encompassing any work that has been untethered from realistic representation. Artists have approached it in many ways and with many different motivations, for example by trying to recreate the natural world in abstracted ways, such as Mondrian, or to connect with the metaphysical or spiritual, such as Hilma af Klint. 

Heaven on Earth

the set nyc presents:   Heaven on Earth.  an exhibition which portrays the good in life.  Located in New York City and Virtual.  Display work, connect with new people, receive an art video.   Connect with galleries, customers, buyers, making new connections.  Helping create a better world.  The mission is to help end child trafficking.  Empowering families and children.  Helping the kids, showing work, innovation , and making new connections.  New York City and online.  Have your work seen my major oulets like Christies and Sothebys.   helping the kids and families, helping the community. www.instagram.com/setnyc 

Seeking Artists: London Fashion Week

the set nyc seeking fine artists, abstract artists, surrealism artists for Art Show: London Fashion Week.  A merge of fashion and art together.  Showcasing work, helping artists get their work out there. Connecting with new people.  Connecting art with models, art gallery, artists in London and New York , Milan, SPAIN, helping a good cause. The mission is to help end child trafficking, we donate 10 percent to the Polaris Project, the mission is to share the Anti Trafficking Number: 1-888-373-7888 , share your art with the world, create sales and marketing and connect with buyers, producers,  joy and peace.   Have people see your work and appreciate it.   Show broadcast internationally including LONDON, SPAIN , Milan, New York , Shanghai, Taiwan  www.instagram.com/setnyc


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