STAR ( Actors, Models & Performers ) invites submissions for "STAR"

This is your chance to showcase your acting, modeling, and performing to the world and potentially launch your career in the entertainment industry. Whether you are an experienced performer or just starting out, we welcome all talent to participate.

Themes : Acting, Modelling, Performing
Submissions are open to all ages, genders, and everyone worldwide.

Free to enter.

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Bioenergetics for Artists - Body-Emotional Release

This is an unique training that combines Bioenergetics Analysis with Body Awareness exercises, bringing together the pleasure of releasing stress, anxiety and tension while uncovering hidden emotions through life stories and images. 

Bioenergetics Therapy combines psychic and somatic principles, understanding personality in terms of body and energy.

The work is mainly practical and it’s proven to be effective online as well.

We will go over these topics and discuss them particularly with each participant: 

Personal motivation/passion/blocks






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