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2021 North Louisiana Virtual Residency





The Ross Lynn Charitable Foundation (RLCF) and the North Central Louisiana Arts Council (NCLAC) are excited to announce the 2021 North Louisiana Virtual Residency. From February 8th to April 2nd, this 8 week online residency will provide the virtual space and rhythm for artists to come together as a community and collaborate in pairs on new work. 


During the 2020 North Louisiana Virtual Residency this past summer, we witnessed how the creative process allowed artists to constructively work through the challenges of the early stages of Covid-19 and give voice to their own experience. The residency offered a safe space to respond to the uncharted terrain of the time and foster a communal environment that helped guide their visions in their individual studio practices.


Through Zoom Huddles, Discussion Prompts, Shared Resources, Face-to-Face Discussions, a Public Exhibition, and Artist Talk Videos, residents navigate the present challenges of living and making art today. The virtual space of the residency creates a communal and collaborative environment — a sharing of experiences between artists as they process this period of life through their art and in turn give voice and vision to all who experience the collective work.


The deadline to apply is Sunday, January 10th at 11:59 pm.

The residency will begin on February 8th and end on April 2nd. 


Artists are encouraged to apply as pairs or be willing to join another individual artist for collaboration during the residency. There will be at most 16 artists (8 pairs) selected. The residency is open to artists who are over 18 years old, fluent in English, and have reliable internet access. To apply you will be asked to submit a resume/cv, a proposal, a portfolio showing samples of your art, and agree to pay a $20 (USD) application fee if accepted into the residency.

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OPEN CALL for ARTISTS Deadline extended






PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig / Germany

ROUND48 July - September 2021


"PILOTENKUECHE" is an international art program based in Germanys new art capital Leipzig. The indipendent project is run by artists with the aim to support and empower artists.


The project invites within the “International Residency Program” selected artists from around the world to come and work in the 465m², fully remodeled space for a period of three months, with 24h studio access. Each accepted artist is offered a partial stipend in kind that represents our unpaid working hours. We maintain engagements with severalpartners, and by introducing our artists to these, make it possible for participants to cooperate with and exhibit in other venues. Our concept encourages experimental strategies aiming to provide our participants with the experience of accomplishing something collectively. In a group of around twelve international artists together with two local artistsparticipating on our program activities, a stimulating dialogue becomes vital in fostering an independent position in one's work, which leads to a long-term network that exists even after the program is over. 


The Program activities consists of 

  • studio visits and open studio if the group is interested 
  • contact to the local art szene, 
  • organized museum tours, 
  • scheduled art critiques, 
  • published artists spotlight on each artist
  • professional install and exhibition pictures
  • TWO group exhibitions in interesting venues.


The Studio space consists of:


  • one furnished up to 36m² large space per artist in our 465m² large communal loft hall including wifi and all side costs (water, underfloor heating, energy, kitchen, toilet etc.)
  • desk, little stroage space
  • depends on the work of the artists, but two walls to work on
  • large windows 
  • approximately twelve artists per month working in the space 
  • furnished shared tea kitchen with fridge, microwave, hotplate
  • Common area


Participants receive all documentation necessary to apply for funding and the visa process. If required, the project can assist with additional individual reference letters. We’re looking for artists to participate on our program in the 48th round from July - September 2021.

We are an indipendent, artist run residency program with the aim to support artists grow and network. for the expenses and to be able to do our work the best we can 24/7, we have to charge a fee for the participation.

costs / participation fee: 1800 EUR* / 3 months, per artist including a prior payment: 450,00 EUR per artist to hold the place in the program, refundable by cancellation (3 months before the residency starts) 

the fee covers the studio & the participation cost 

travel costs, art materials & living accommodation are additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 

*The fee includes the partial-stipend of 1400,00 EUR from “PILOTENKUECHE”, with directly subsidizes the full program fee of 3200,00 EUR.


Living accomodation is additional. The project offers one shared apartment which hosts two artists. 



TERM: July - September 2021

DEADLINE: 18.12.20



Participating artists are expected to participate with the program objectives, to contribute to a collective enterprise, and be open to work with others.

We organize two exhibitions in interesting venues, which are non obligatory, but they increase the artists visibility, would be sad not to take advantage of it. 




Who can apply?

Artists from all artistic disciplines (installation, videoart, sculpture, electronic music, painting, drawing, performance, photography, net art etc.) are invited to send us an application.


How to apply?

Please fill out our online application form you find here:

Make sure you have a portfolio and an artist statement in PDF format ready to upload.

AND PLEASE HAVE A LOOK AT YOUR SPAM FOLDER, in the past sometimes our positive reply landed there.


Please visit our website before you apply for more information.




Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

A Retreat in Princes' Islands - Tab Residency Autumn Applications







Tab Residency program offers artists a residential space to devote time and focus on creating both individually and collectively. We can no longer offer an exhibition at the end of the residency period since the gallery space has been closed in March 2020.


Tab Residency, founded and run by artists, is open to all contemporary artists throughout the year. We accept residencies minimum one to maximum three months long. The residency periods are organized with open calls for six month periods and applications are accepted before the deadline of the open calls.


The Princes´ Islands is an archipelago off the Anatolian coast of İstanbul, Turkey, mostly car free, naturally and historically preserved area. Ten minutes walk from Büyükada port, the residency building is a shared building with four stories, one floor for the studio spaces, one floor for accommodation rooms, one floor for common spaces such as kitchen and living room, also there is a garden.


The residency studios does not contain any specific workshops so they can be used for many kinds of production. The studios are organized considering the needs of each artist. Please feel free to ask for other equipment or tools besides listed, depending on your needs. Disciplines involved can be visual arts, industrial design, fashion, interior design, conceptual art, literary arts, architecture, new media, performing arts (the artist should consider the size of the studio space), multi disciplinary works, any kind of recycle, upcycle or reuse projects.


Visual Art

New Media




Film Making




Performing Arts

Textile Art




Internet Connection

Electronics tools, printer, scanner, basic painting equipment, well equipped toolbox (drill, jigsaw, dremel, bench grinder...) and various materials to be reused for upcycle and recycle projects.

Musical Instruments





Woodworking Tools

What is expected of the artist:
Donation of an artwork is not mandatory but will be appreciated.
The artist should straighten out the needs and style of production beforehand.
The artist should provide information about old works and exhibitions.
A residency fee of 500 euros monthly should be paid before the beginning of the residency.

What are the benefits of the program:

The residency in Büyükada offers the artists a quiet and peaceful living and working opportunity, very close to the charming chaos İstanbul.

The artist will have the chance to experience the cultural and historical city of İstanbul.

To be able to take part in the contemporary art events and meet local artists.

Contact & Links: 

Bookmark- online workshop and exhibition

Artistic field:


An online workshop for artists who want to revise their work, think of it differently and create new art and turning this scenario into a growth full experience for their work.
This workshop takes its name from an almost archaic piece of paper or as a page-marker for a book.

Einat Moglad

This is a useful way to mark a spot to which you wish to come back to and move on from. I see this as a metaphor of an ongoing artistic process of learning and revising while being open to the future to unfold.

The concept of this workshop asks you to examine what the important points to mark on, or to dwell upon in your creations as well as how to move on from that point on.

During this time of covid 19I belive that this could be a great opportunity to reflect and bookmark what it is you would like to take with you onward.

How the online workshop is going to operate:
1. You will join an online working group for 3 weeks. The group is a secret group on Facebook.

2. In this group you will be provided with guidance on the different exercises of the workshop as well as have a chance to have discussions about your process and questions that rise during our activity as well as be able to share your work, reflect and converse with other artists worldwide.

3. Enjoy group exercises which you can do at your own time in the artistic medium of your choice.

4. Since this is a “bookmark” workshop we will also play with the relationship between texts, words and art and examine how these different artistic mediums can influence and expand what we see and learn about our work.

5. You will receive a specific exercise designed for you, that exercise will be designed to help you to explore new terrain of your art in order to take a new leap into the unknown and see what just might be that new chapter in your art.

6. At the end of our 3 weeks together you will have an additional 2-3 weeks to finish your work and prepare it for an online exhibition on the Emergence Art Space website  Emergence Art Space, which is supporting this project, is an international art organization based in San Francisco, California, whose mission is to foster cross cultural dialogue and understanding through art.

Only artists who are active members of the workshop and follow the process of the workshop showing excellence in their work will be eligible to submit their work for the online exhibition.

If you like what you see here, click the link below and apply for the workshop!


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

One Artist A Week





ONE ARTIST A WEEK questions the dynamic of quickly changing trends, topics and "fashions" in the international art world and asks how each of the participating artists individually responds to this development.
The one-week residency + exhibition program addresses artists who want to develop and present their work in Athens following an intensive creative and learning process.

ONE ARTIST A WEEK not only offers accommodation and exhibition space in the center of Athens, it also supports the artists with press, media and communication work, and helps to set up the exhibition/presentation at the end of the week.

Find the current and upcoming shows >>> here.
And the past shows presented 2017 during the Athens Documenta 14 >>> here.


• Living and working space in downtown Athens (7 days/6 nights, Monday to Sunday)
• A three/four-day curated solo show in downtown Athens venues
• Promotional support, press and media networking
• Customized introduction into ancient and contemporary Greek culture
• Documentation on the FaveLAB project website.

Price:  370 Euro (plus 20 Euro cleaning fee) paid by the artist.

Disciplines:  Artists working in all disciplines, designers, actors, dancers, art journalists, crafters are welcome to apply.

Please note: applicants must be 30+ years old.

Prizes Details: 


Contact & Links: 

ONE+ONE - 14-day residency opportunity for 1+1 aritst in Athens/Greece





1+1 is a residency and exhibition project for international artists who wish to explore Athens' rich cultural life and opportunities and present their work in a local art venue.

1+1 provides shared accommodation and working space in central Athens for two weeks and two (1+1) artists who wish to share experiences and take part in a duo show in Athens. The artists will present their work at the end of their 14-day residency period in a four-day curated exhibition in a downtown Athens art venue.

The 1+1 residency includes a customized introduction into ancient and contemporary Greek culture (two guided visits at Unesco sites, museums and art venues), individual networking advice, tips on Athens secret addresses, as well as curatorial assistance/advice for the realization of the exhibition.

1+1 services also include promotional, press and social media support, plus e-invitation+press release for the show (GR/EN) and website documentation.


1+1 includes:

• Accommodation in a studio apartment with two separate bedrooms / shared studio space
• A curated four-day exhibition in downtown Athens
• Assistance in / advice for the setup of the exhibition
• Two guided visits at Unesco sites, museums and art venues
• Individual networking advice
• Promotion, social media support, press release
• E-invitation + Website documentation

Disciplines: Artists who work in the field of sculpture, painting, installation, photography, performance, textile art, comics, design or jewellery are invited to apply.

Residency duration: 14 days (13 nights) - the residency period begins on Monday and ends on Sunday.

Exhibition:  4 days (During the second week of the residency)

Price:  470 Euro paid by the artist (plus 20 Euro cleaning fee). The Price does not include travel fares, museums tickets, meals, artist material or print matter for the show.

Prizes Details: 


Contact & Links: 


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