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30x30 | 30 Artworks in 30 Days

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30 pieces in 30 days

The 30×30 show is a great way to explore any theme or style by creating one panel that displays 30 works that are 6 inches by 6 inches each, or 3 dimensional work that is no bigger than 6 x 6 x 6 inches. We cannot accommodate any 3 dimensional artwork unless it is mounted on the wall with shelves attached to your board. Use the 30-day work period restraint to challenge yourself to create constantly. Each piece will be sold individually, giving viewers the unique opportunity to take home artwork that they may not be able to afford otherwise. So, do you accept our challenge?

Important Dates

Exhibition Dates: July 22 – September 17, 2022

Deadline to enter: May 20, 2022

Artist Notification: May 27, 2022

Shipping deadline of work to Blue Line Arts: July 1, 2022

Hand deliver work to Blue Line Arts: July 17 & 18 (10am to 3pm)

Opening Reception: August 20, 2022

Pick up unsold work from Blue Line Arts: September 18 & 19 (10am to 3pm)


Open to all artists

All artwork must be original and completed within the 30-day period

Artwork cannot have been previously exhibited at Blue Line Arts

All artwork must be for sale

Accepted artwork that differs significantly from image in online submission will be disqualified

No accepted entry may be withdrawn or sold outside of the exhibition prior to the closing date

Blue Line Arts handles all sales transactions. Non-member artists receive a 50% commission from all gallery sales and members receive a 60% commission.

The artist is responsible to pay for all shipping and should have a prepaid label from FedEx or UPS (No US Mail) for return of artwork

Important Information

Each piece of art is 6”x6”  

5 pieces across, 6 down

The board should be 36” wide and 48” tall  

Use 3/8” thick plywood to mount your work on.

BOTH SIDES of the plywood must be painted with Behr premium white flat paint.

You may choose how each piece hangs on the plywood (i.e. nails, hooks, etc.) But the pieces must be ready to hang and you have to have prepared the plywood with the hanging devices.

There does not need to be a hanging device on the back of the plywood. We will be screwing the board directly into the wall.

Please number each piece on the back so that we know what order to hang them in.


We ask that all 30 pieces of art be priced to be sold individually (i.e. $25 per piece, instead of $1000 for all 30 pieces)

While you may come up with the price for your work, the majority of the sales in the show last year were in the $35-$75 range.

The artist will need to agree that the price submitted in the online call to artist application form will be the price that the work will be sold for and may not change thereafter. Please note, the gallery sales commission is 50% for Non-Members or 60% for current Artist Members.

Application Requirements:

Applicants must apply using the form on the Blue Line Arts website, You must be 18 years or older to apply.

Artists should submit three examples of work that are similar to the 30 x 30 series they hope to create once they have been chosen participate in the show. Examples of work are not required to follow the 6”x6” guidelines, but should accurately represent the style and medium of the series the artist will create for the exhibition.

Questions: If you have any questions about submissions, please contact Blue Line Arts staff during open hours at (916) 783-4117 or email


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Artists Magazine | Artists to Watch



We are excited to introduce the Artists Magazine Artists To Watch art competition. Formally known as the Student Division of the Artists Magazine Annual Art Competition, this new competition is open to new and emerging artists, regardless of age*, who are interested in getting their artwork out there!

Early Bird Deadline: April 3, 2022

Enter before our early bird deadline to save $5 per entry!

*Must be at least 16 years at the start of the competition to enter.

Prizes Details: 

Top 15 Winners

  • All winners’ names and work will be featured in the November/December 2022 issue of Artists Magazine and on
  • Free Artists Network Membership for 1 year ($99.99 value)
  • A digital award-winner badge 

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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Artists Magazine 39th Annual Art Competition



The Artists Magazine 39th Annual Art Competition honors work from outstanding artists working in a variety of art media. Enter to win more than $28,000 in cash prizes and publication in an issue of Artists Magazine!

Early Bird Deadline: April 3, 2022

Enter by our early bird deadline to save $5 per entry!

Prize Summary: 
Win up to $3,000 in cash prizes!
Prizes Details: 

Grand Prize Winners

  • Gold - $3,000 cash
  • Silver - $2,500 cash
  • Bronze - $2,000 cash

Category Winners

  • 5 First Place Awards - $1,500 each
  • 5 Second Place Awards - $1,000 each
  • 5 Third Place Awards - $500 each
  • 25 Honorable Mentions - $100 Gift Card

All category winners will have their names and winning artwork featured in the Jan/Feb 2023 issue of Artists Magazine and on, and will receive a free Artists Network Membership for 1 year ($99.99 value), and a digital award-winner badge. 


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$35 per entry
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Artists are invited to submit their works for an online project and exhibition organised by Emergent Art Space in collaboration with the emergent artist/curator Maria Di Gaetano.


Founded in 2012, Emergent Art Space is an international non-profit organization based in San Francisco, California. Its mission is to give exposure to young artists around the world and to promote cross-cultural dialogue, exchange, and communication through art. We welcome artists in all fields of visual arts, still in school or under 30.
We believe that the visual language of art has the power to communicate across geographic and cultural distances, to open new perspectives on our experience of the world, and to facilitate the understanding of experiences and traditions different from our own.


“Unlocked” is an experimental project which intends to create synergies among young artists, breaking barriers of time and space, reality, words, and media, giving space only to the intrinsic meaning of art as an intuitive and aesthetic way of knowing, - that involves mind and feelings and - it is worldwide shareable. Being in lock down has had a strong impact on our social and economic life but first and foremost in our way of dealing with our emotions. A similar strong impact will have the end of the lock down - in the near future. Lots of people feel drained and oppressed and even scared about the future. “Unlocked” aims to catch an emotional moment in between the end of the lock down and the beginning of the new “normality”. “Unlocked” wants to recognise, extrapolate, and transform feelings into art and communication. 


5 artists will be selected based on their 3 works submitted.
The weekend after the selection we will have a zoom meeting to know each other and start the project together. Time to be agreed with the artists.
We will try to discuss and work with these questions:
-What is art for you?
-How did you experience the pandemic?
-Is it true that Art “cleans from the soul the dust of every day’s life?”
-Are you concerned about the next future?
-What kind of feelings did you experience during the “lockdown”?
-What kind of feelings are you experiencing now after the “lockdown”?
- “Unlocked”. What does this word mean for you? Let’s define it. -reality -art -barriers -freedom.


As the idea was born during the uncertainty of the post lockdown, - it was thought best to – develop it online. It would be great therefore, to meet up all together in person later on or when the restrictions will ease to put our creative minds together under the stunning London’s sky!
Taking the questions above as - guideline, this project will ask you to examine and assess your own feelings and thoughts in relation to your life, the way you make art and how we can express them. -We will be working together, creating, and operating as follow:

1. We will create a private group on Facebook among us, in order to easily get in touch and be reachable.
2. We will develop an artistic research practice based on open talks on Zoom to know better the way we think, create, and work.
3. No strict time, media or exercises will be imposed, but as little as punctuality and reliability will be asked in order to make sure everything works well for everyone and the project will go ahead smoothly.
4. Since the project aims to put together words and creativity, we will be writing some small texts and creating some artworks.
5. The concept/theme we will be working on will be around the meaning of being “Unlocked”.
6. Instructions will be given to everyone, but on-going ideas or changes from the artists will be discussed and eventually considered.
7. The meetings will last 2 weekends. Ideally Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons. Time to be agreed. It would be great if we stick with these days although flexibility will be given according to our own needs and it will be discussed and agreed on by - all participating artists.
8. At the ends of our 2 weekends’ meetings, we will all have - an additional 2 weeks to prepare ourselves for the online exhibition. The content of the exhibition will be all or some of our works, our texts put together as a small catalogue/magazine and one of two of our zoom meetings (if everyone agrees). Everything will be shared on the Emergent Art Space website, which is supporting this project and
cultural dialogues among artists from all over the world. Everyone will be free to share the link to their own website, social and platform. A participation certificate will be given to everyone.
9. The 5 artists who will be working on this project will be then invited to be part of the amazing world of the Emergent Art Space’s platform.
10. I hope you will be joining me. Free yourself and relax! We will be a bunch of people who love art and want to communicate something with it to the world

Prizes Details: 

Online exhibition and global platform's space and showcase.


Entry Fee:

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Open Call for Short Films




We invite submissions of short films (under 15 minutes) to appear as part of the Healthy Scepticism film festival. Submissions should offer some contemplation of the issues under consideration at the Healthy Scepticism project (outlined below), and may do so in any way the filmmaker sees fit. Submissions might explore, for example, any of the following kinds of questions: What are your or others’ experiences of health, illness, wellness, medicine, healthcare? What is your perspective on how our healthcare systems do and do not work? How do we currently think of ourselves as “ill” or “healthy,” and why? What role does media – including social media – have in our perceptions of health, wellness, illness and disease? How do personal encounters, family histories, ethnic, sexual and gender identities change our experiences of health and illness, of healthcare and healthcare systems? How has COVID-19 changed things for us in terms of how we understand health and its care?



Health sceptics have never been more in the news. Though mask-abstainers and COVID-19 conspiracy theorists filled our headlines early on, they have more recently had to share with new and more measured conversations around vaccine hesitancy and the very real fears, experiences and collective memories that drive it. These are not new feelings. Sometimes these scepticisms are the result of the ways in which healthcare has let us down now and in the past; other times, they are the result of unique, personal and specific experiences. Scepticism arises both within and outside the formal contours of medical practice. It differs from community to community, individual to individual and nation to nation. Scepticism can be transient or specific to single issues or perhaps revolve around other, more culturally embedded networks of caring and healing that trump in importance healthcare’s more formalised versions. Wherever these are and however they appear, the Healthy Scepticism aims to trace them: to explore what the history and present of medical scepticism can tell us about our current relationships to health and healthcare, and through this to explore ways to improve how we care for health long term.

We will feature the films of our finalists as part of our film festival, and one overall winner will be featured in the festival alongside an interview. The winner will be chosen by an interdisciplinary panel of judges working across the Healthy Scepticism project.



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4 subnetAIR CALLS in September 2020 at Schmiede Hallein






This year we, subnet and Schmiede, can offer four subnetAIR units (€ 1,500 each) in the period from September 1 to October 5, 2020 in Hallein. SchmiedeParticipation is a prerequisite.

The year 2020 is not what it seemed, we are adapting. Promised subnetAIRs 2020 had to be postponed to 2021. The current situation makes travel unpredictable and prevents the usual close collaboration with the researchers at the Center for HCI. That is why subnet 2020 will break new ground. We are cooperating with Schmiede Hallein and will work in the Saline on Pernerinsel in Hallein, instead of in Salzburg. The Center for HCI is at our side as far as possible with advice, action and technology. The Saline will be available as a work studio from September 1st to October 5th. The exact room layout will take place in consultation and taking into account the developing realities of Schmiede.

Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses takes place from September 16 to 25. SchmiedeApplication is a prerequisite. The application is already online. Reference to subnetAIR submission in the SchmiedeApplication makes sense.

Key data:
# 4 x € 1,500 for at least 3 weeks in Hallein
# Possible period: September 1st to October 5th
# Work room in the saline
# Schmiede20: Pferde / Horses September 16-25
# The center for HCI is optionally available with know-how for projects with a focus on physical computing, hardware hacking and tinkering.
# Travel, accommodation and meals are to be carried autonomously.

# The application should not be longer than three pages and should consist of a concept, curriculum vitae and references.
# An independent jury selects and awards.
# The residency begins with a public meeting (meet the artist, online) and ends with a presentation and documentation of the results.
# The subnetAIR fee is paid 50% at the beginning and 50% after documentation.

Expectation:  Process documentation & work that can be exhibited

The subnetAIR program actively promotes artists and makes them public. subnetAIR counteracts the bottleneck in production and presentation rooms and lowers barriers in favor of realizing sound project ideas by providing infrastructure and know-how in our field of activity.

Place: Saline Pernerinsel // Smithy Hallein // Smithy in 5:20

Application deadline: June 20, 2020


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