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Nouvel Organon is pleased to invite emerging and established artists, art collectives, group of artists, architects, writers, performers, philosophers, social workers and everyone otherwise involved in contemporary art to submit a project for an opportunity to participate in the exhibition 'Cruising Dystopia' which will take place October 16-19 in Berlin, Germany.

Gay cruising areas, based on utopian ideas of freedom and a sense of finally being oneself, can otherwise turn into dystopian spaces, where one comes face-to-face with the limits and borders of that same society. The act of cruising is defined by a longing for intimacy, precisely in the lack thereof from that other “world” that is so violently exclusionary.

Is the word combination cruising dystopia therefore an oxymoron, or not? With 'Cruising Dystopia' Nouvel Organon invites you to submit work related to the subject from its different viewpoints without limitation to its shape or form.

Artists are invited to submit up to 5 pieces of work, with an artist statement of max. 250 words and a 1-page CV. Projects are selected based on relevance to the theme, quality and artistic integrity. Participation in the exhibition is through a selection process done by Nouvel Organon and a partner jury.

As a non-profit organisation, there is little to no budget for production of new work, but there is for installment of existing work(s). Expenses of shipping work to and from Berlin are for the artists themselves. If work sells, the artist gets the 100 percent—Nouvel Organon takes no commission costs. We also take no entrance fees to at least make participation more democratic.

Deadline: 28 September 2020 on 12am GMT+1

Exhibition: October 16-19
Berlin, Germany


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