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East meets East: Open Call




Nabi 2022 East meets East Open Call

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Art Center Nabi is pleased to resume its international open call on art, technology and society.

Art Center Nabi has been at the forefront of the media art scene, discovering emerging artists through various programs such as residencies, hackathons, conferences, and exhibitions. Art Center Nabi also works with artists from diverse cultural backgrounds to create platforms that examine and confer creative and aesthetic potentials of the convergence between art, technology and society.

As a part of such endeavors, Art Center Nabi now launches the long-term hybrid research project East meets East (EmE) that proposes critical perspectives on technology-based art, history, society, culture, media, and philosophy. Setting sail towards the ‘East’ where the sun rises and the future arrives, EmE envisions the coming together of ‘We’ and our Han Ma Eum (한마음, Planetary Mind). We look forward to wide participation from artists, creators, and researchers around the world.

Director’s Letter

When a baby crawls towards the well, you jump to rescue regardless of whether it’s your child or not. Mencius called this compassion and established Confucianism based on such sentiments. Feeling the pains of others is surely not exclusive to Mencius’ time. Right at this moment, countless volunteer troops and workers are putting their lives in danger in Ukraine to rescue their neighbors in plight.

On the other hand, humanity has never been more isolated. The US Surgeon General has warned against loneliness as the biggest health hazard of the 21st Century, while many governments now characterize loneliness as a serious social pathology. The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated such isolation and loneliness. Not only are individuals imprisoned in personal media, but they are also constantly bewildered by endless, affordable audiovisual content to watch and enjoy. Each sitting in our silo, we have entered a new life as fragmented selves.

However, an interesting fact emerges as digital selves floating apart from reality are being constructed: everyone seems to pursue a sense of ‘we’, or community. Community is sought in different ways, some of them in sole pursuit of money and profitability, others based on cultural codes. I believe the interaction between human wants and needs would eventually decide which of the Web3 community will survive amongst the flooding number of them. Considering this, Art Center Nabi would like to propose the following hypothesis:

Technological development can encourage Han Ma Eum (한마음; Planetary Mind), the instinct to support neighbors in plight and to share happiness and sadness with one another.

Here, we propose Han Ma Eum as a total and ultimate consciousness. When we escape from the perceptive boundaries of being an individual, we will then be able to find ourselves interconnected as one and envision Han Ma Eum, the encompassing mind beyond planetary consciousness.

Art Center Nabi is not an academic organization but a collective of practitioners. We send out this call to realize our hypothesis above, which is our hope. It is an invitation to create with you.



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  • Artwork: Audiovisuals, Interactive Installations, Performances utilizing techAR, VR, XR, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Blockchain, etc.
  • Design: HCI, BCI, Neuroscience and Cognitive Science-related, AI, Physical Computing related work
  • Writing: Poetry, Prose, Essays, SF shorts, Research paper, etc.

Theme: Envisioning Han Ma Eum (한마음; Planetary Mind) and various forms of ‘we’ who think and act together


  1. Production Cost (varies by genre)
  • Writing and Design (HCI-based thinking process: max. 3,000,000 KRW (approx. 2,400 USD)
  • Media Artwork: max. 10,000,000 KRW (approx. 8,000 USD)
  1. Opportunity for a showcase and an artist talk

Program Schedule

  • Production: July 6th - September 1st
  • Online Showcase: September 9th (Fri) TBD


  • Open Call: June 14th (Mon) - July 3rd (Sun), 2022
  • Application Review: July 4th (Mon) - July 6th (Wed), 2022
  • For interviews, applicants will be contacted individually when necessary.
  • Results will be posted on our website ( and only selected applicants will be notified.

Applications and inquiries to:

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Prize Summary: 
Production support up to 8,o00 USD, Opportunity for showcase and an artist talk
Prizes Details: 

Online showcase will take place at EmE Conference (London, KCCUK) in September 2022. Networking party, workshop, and critique will also take place during the producti

Online / London

Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Free Collaboration with CultTech Accelerator Startups




This Open Call is led by CultTech Accelerator, the first accelerator for startups in culture.

Its first Batch with eight CultTech startups kicked off in late April 2022.

The Accelerator team strives to nurture and support a sustainable CultTech movement from the very beginning. This is why they are launching a collaboration project for Batch #1 startups and creative minds (artists, producers, cultural entrepreneurs and institutions).

The organizers believe that CultTech startups’ actions should bring as much impact as possible to cultural players around the world.


Free and fully managed cooperation for selected candidates with one of the eight Batch#1 startups.

  • Open Call deadline: May 22, 2022 23:59 CET
  • Collaboration dates: June 1-July 12, 2022
  • Format: online
  • Language: English
  • Results will be presented on July 13 during CultTech Accelerator Batch#1 Demo Day in Vienna.
  • The organizers will cover travel expenses for selected creative partners whose presence at the Demo Day in Vienna will be required for the presentation.

Here are the tech solutions proposed by Batch #1 startups.

  1. Artano
    Sustainable NFT marketplace for fine art and fashion.
  2. Wiser Media
    A social curation platform for all types of creative content (video/ audio/ texts).
  3. Enote
    An online library and editor for interactive sheet music.
  4. Embodme
    A new musical instrument based on an easy-to-customize touchscreen.
  5. Kunsttell
    A marketplace for prints of artists from non-European countries.
  6. Wail
    A social marketplace for live events.
  7. Kloov
    NFT marketplace for music and new models of royalty connected.
  8. Ornamika
    An AI-based design tool for cultural heritage ornaments and patterns.


  1. Network
    By collaborating with a startup, partners join the CultTech ecosystem with other creatives, startups, investors and institutions.
    Even if they apply and do not participate in this collaboration, they still become part of the community. The Accelerator team works with various CultTech companies and Accelerator Batch#2 is already planned, so they will be able to offer new opportunities in the future.
  2. Organized collaboration for the future
    The Accelerator team fully undertakes the management of the collaboration during the Accelerator program, but it can be only the beginning of a long-term cooperation beyond it.
  3. New market and publicity
    The Accelerator is based in Vienna, Austria, and the participating startups come from France, Germany, Spain, Estonia and Sweden.
  4. Innovative models of monetization
    Startups' tech can help find new ways to monetize creative projects.

Entry Fee:

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Call out: Dreaming with Machines




Are you interested in algorithmic technologies, music production and sampling within your music? 

Join Manchester sound artist Vicky Clarke for four days of making music with machine learning to create a series of audiovisual dreamscapes ready for transmission on the internet.

Machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence (AI), where neural networks detect patterns in sets of data and use them to make predictions. As an emerging field in music making, sonic AI has great potential for how we compose, generate material and collaborate with machines. 

Open to people of marginalised genders aged 18-30*, on this project you’ll get the opportunity to explore a range of accessible tools to generate sound, text and images using a variety of open source training models. 

Together you’ll look at the work of groundbreaking artists and technologists working in the field and consider artistic, ethical and conceptual issues around bias, autonomy and creativity. 

There is no need to be able to code, the project is aimed at beginners! 

Dates and Location

5, 6, 9 and 10 May 2022
9.30am – 4.30pm
SeeSaw, Manchester, M1 6NG

We can cover travel costs for those who need it, plus a £25 daily allowance.

What’s Involved

On this project you will:

Learn about machine learning (a branch of AI) and how it can be used creatively for music making

Gain practical skills using a range of accessible tools and interfaces covering sound, text and image generation

Discuss our relationship to these emerging creative technologies and consider issues of bias, ethics and artistic autonomy

Create artworks; a series of dreamscapes and human-machine collaborations to share online


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Talkaoke Skill Lab - development opportunity


Talkaoke Skills Lab is a cross-border creative development opportunity, by an interdisciplinary art group The People Speak [London] and an art and activism hub KQ [Kampala] supported by the British Council. Taking place online / hybrid, the programme is for the UK and Uganda-based artists, performers, writers, creative producers, cultural programmers interested in pushing the boundaries of socially engaged creative practice. 

What to expect:

  • 8 online sessions via Zoom using Talkaoke – pop-up talk show format, where we will cover: key points of The People Speak methodology, including: facilitation and creation of non-hierarchical spaces and participation structures, use of digital / hybrid technology; 
  • Participant-led discussions exploring current themes and issues; co-creation of interactive learning structure where participants decide on the skills they wish to develop and share; 
  • 1 public facing hybrid event co-created by the participants in two cities, taking place in venues in London and Kampala
  • Mentoring and individual support with artistic and professional development by The People Speak, KQ Hub and a wider network of creative collaborators 
  • Technical support in how to get the best out of online platforms


The programme builds on The People Speak 25 years experience of facilitation and creating participant-led, emergent and interactive interventions and formats such as Talkaoke - a TV-style pop-up talk show. Previous partnerships include: all Tate Galleries, Barbican, In situ, ice-9 [Norway], LIFT, Rich Mix. 


Application deadline is Tuesday 1 February. 

Register for an online Talkaoke information session on Thursday 13 January, 12pm [UK time] or 15:00 [Uganda time] via this link

Find out more about the programme by following this link.


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Technarte Residency Tenerife





Enjoy a stay in a scientific environment in Tenerife, Canary Islands (Spain) where your art will be inspired by the richness of its natural spaces. The goal of this residency program is the creation of two artistic projects that integrate the fields of technology, science and innovation into their reflection, production and execution processes.

The residency will run between the months of January and February 2022.

Application deadline is November 11, 2021

No fees whatsoever.

Prize Summary: 
Up to 9.000 € for your artwork production costs.
Contact & Links: 

Collide Residency Award





Arts at CERN launches a new call for Collide, its flagship residency programme, in partnership with the City of Barcelona. Artists from all around the world are invited to submit their proposals for a research-led residency. The laureate, an individual artist or artistic collective, will be invited to spend three months dedicated to artistic research and exploration between CERN and Barcelona.

Collide calls for artists inspired by the processes of fundamental science and interested in interacting with the scientific communities at CERN and Barcelona. We invite proposals that focus on the artist’s current practice and are open to working with physicists, engineers, IT experts and laboratory staff.

The selected artist or artistic collective will receive a three-month fully funded residency award that will allow them to spend two months at CERN in Geneva, followed by one month in Barcelona (not necessarily consecutively), hosted at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production in Barcelona and in connection with the city's scientific laboratories. The scope of the artist's proposal should include a research period to be developed at CERN and a second developmental phase in Barcelona, where the artists will have the opportunity to expand their research through Barcelona’s rich scientific and cultural network, as well as to engage with a wide range of communities.

The award includes the following support and conditions:

− 15 000 Swiss Francs as a research and artistic production award.

− Personal allowance for two months at CERN in Geneva and one month in Barcelona.

− Travel and accommodation costs within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and in Barcelona.

The recipient of the residency award will be expected to:
− Engage in research based on the proposal submitted to the Collide Call for Entries.
− Meet regularly with the CERN scientific partner(s) to discuss the process of artistic research, exploration and discovery, and additionally work with other scientists.
− Establish dialogue with scientists and researchers at the research centres, universities, and factories of creativity, with the support and guidance of the team from the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (ICUB) and other scientific institutions in Barcelona.
− Give one talk in both locations during the residency.
− Communicate regularly with the curators and teams of Arts at CERN and Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production.
− Deliver a residency report after the residency is completed in both locations.
− Finalise the artwork resulting from the residency within up to six months following the residency period.

Prize Summary: 
15000 Swiss Francs
Prizes Details: 

The selected artist or artistic collective will receive a three-month fully funded residency award that will allow them to spend two months at CERN in Geneva, followed by one month in Barcelona where they can expand their research and engage with the scientific laboratories of the city while being hosted at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production in Barcelona.

The award includes:

− 15 000 Swiss Francs as a research and artistic production award.

− Personal allowance for two months at CERN in Geneva and one month in Barcelona.

− Travel and accommodation costs within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and in Barcelona.

Contact & Links: 


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