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Collide Residency Award






Arts at CERN launches a new call for Collide, its flagship residency programme, in partnership with the City of Barcelona. Artists from all around the world are invited to submit their proposals for a research-led residency. The laureate, an individual artist or artistic collective, will be invited to spend three months dedicated to artistic research and exploration between CERN and Barcelona.

Collide calls for artists inspired by the processes of fundamental science and interested in interacting with the scientific communities at CERN and Barcelona. We invite proposals that focus on the artist’s current practice and are open to working with physicists, engineers, IT experts and laboratory staff.

The selected artist or artistic collective will receive a three-month fully funded residency award that will allow them to spend two months at CERN in Geneva, followed by one month in Barcelona (not necessarily consecutively), hosted at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production in Barcelona and in connection with the city's scientific laboratories. The scope of the artist's proposal should include a research period to be developed at CERN and a second developmental phase in Barcelona, where the artists will have the opportunity to expand their research through Barcelona’s rich scientific and cultural network, as well as to engage with a wide range of communities.

The award includes the following support and conditions:

− 15 000 Swiss Francs as a research and artistic production award.

− Personal allowance for two months at CERN in Geneva and one month in Barcelona.

− Travel and accommodation costs within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and in Barcelona.

The recipient of the residency award will be expected to:
− Engage in research based on the proposal submitted to the Collide Call for Entries.
− Meet regularly with the CERN scientific partner(s) to discuss the process of artistic research, exploration and discovery, and additionally work with other scientists.
− Establish dialogue with scientists and researchers at the research centres, universities, and factories of creativity, with the support and guidance of the team from the Institute of Culture of Barcelona (ICUB) and other scientific institutions in Barcelona.
− Give one talk in both locations during the residency.
− Communicate regularly with the curators and teams of Arts at CERN and Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production.
− Deliver a residency report after the residency is completed in both locations.
− Finalise the artwork resulting from the residency within up to six months following the residency period.

Prize summary: 
15000 Swiss Francs
Prizes Details: 

The selected artist or artistic collective will receive a three-month fully funded residency award that will allow them to spend two months at CERN in Geneva, followed by one month in Barcelona where they can expand their research and engage with the scientific laboratories of the city while being hosted at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production in Barcelona.

The award includes:

− 15 000 Swiss Francs as a research and artistic production award.

− Personal allowance for two months at CERN in Geneva and one month in Barcelona.

− Travel and accommodation costs within a fixed budget for the three months of the artistic residency at CERN and in Barcelona.

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Call for Submissions: CURRENTS Festival 2022





CURRENTS New Media is now accepting submissions for our 2022 art and technology festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

Every summer since 2010, CURRENTS New Media presents one of the leading art and technology festivals in the United States. Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, CURRENTS brings together the work of established and emerging new media artists from the USA and around the world.  


Submission Deadline: November 1, 2021 

Notified by: January 10, 2022

Festival Dates: June 17 - 26, 2022


This year’s submission categories include:

-Installations (Interactive and non-interactive)

-Outdoor Installations and Projections

-Virtual/Augmented/Mixed Reality Environments


-Multimedia Performance

-Digitally Generated or Fabricated Objects


-Interactive Installations for Children

-Experimental Single Channel Video, Documentary, and Animation

Our Mission: CURRENTS New Media champions new media arts and supports artists in creating innovative work. Our annual festival, educational programs, and exhibition space give the public year-round access to immersive and expansive art experiences.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
$25 for single Submission, $20 for multiple submissions
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R.A.R.O. en red. New program 2020/2021 Art and tecnology




Simultaneously to the residencies we carry out, we generate a virtual program designed for artists from anywhere in the world who works with crossings betwen art and tecnology who want to deepen both technical and conceptually in their work.


Our goal is to deepen the artists professionalization giving them the opportunity to have a personal feedback on their work from the R.A.R.O.  ateliers they choose. 


The program will have  the participation of Jazmín Adler, Espacio 404 directed by Paula Guersenzvaig and Sebastián Pasquel and HIBRIDA

Laboratory directed by Mercedes Lozano and Paloma Violeta who Will share their theoretical anD comprehensive point of view on the participant's work. 


The artists will also be provided with the advice of the R.A.R.O. team made up of artists, curators, publicists, historians and cultural managers.

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ESC Open Call - 1646 + VVOVVA






The second wave of the ESC open call is here!

While looking forward to a more and more digitalized world VVOVVA asks artists to ‘Create art as you would do in 10 years in the future’. 

The aim of the ESC challenge is to investigate the future and, in particular, the bond of nature and technology through art. As well as its relation to us as humans, how it forms our perception and views.

For this escape edition, VVOVVA will select the most interesting works in collaboration with 1646’s team of curators, Clara Pallí Monguilod & Johan Gustavsson.

1646 is a project space for contemporary art. A dedicated space for experimental art practices and ideas, 1646 is a platform for new productions and presentations with special emphasis on encouraging artists to realize new projects on location. 

ESC Wave #2030, AW is curated by: Clara Pallí Monguilod & Johan Gustavsson —,  VVOVVA.

The submission period starts on October 28 and ends on January 20. The selected artists will be notified by email and published on the VVOVVA blog on February 1.


Entry Fee:

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FILE 2020 – Open Call




Since 2000 FILE is a non-profit cultural organization that has been promoting exhibitions, workshops and gatherings that seek to investigate the appropriations of the technologic media in artistic accomplishments. With annual exhibitions in São, in addition to participations in national and international events, FILE is the biggest electronic art event in Latin America. For 2020, artists and researchers can submit their works in the main categories: Interactive Art, Digital Language, Electronic Sonority, Workshops, Symposium and Led Show*.

* FILE Led Show consists of a public art show in the large Led panel located on the Fiesp building’s façade, at Paulista Avenue, 1313. FILE Led Show gets interactive and non-interactive proposals to be presented at the Digital Art Gallery.

To participate, you need to fill out the entry forms (attached below), being in accordance to the General Regulations of FILE.


The submission is free of charge.



In these regulations are included the terms and conditions that govern the participation in the exhibitions of FILE to be produced by FILE Electronic Language International Festival (from now on denominated “Organizer”). We recommend the reading, with maximum care, of each item of the terms and conditions below, and their full acceptance is essential for the participation in the exhibitions of FILE.



1.1 FILE is promoted by the cultural nonprofit organization FILE Festival Internacional de Linguagem Eletrônica, established in the city of São Paulo, state of São Paulo, at Rua Dona Veridiana 521/06, registered in the CNPJ under the no. 03659709/0001-91, endowed with an exclusively cultural character, devoid of any modality that might involve chance.



2.1 FILE includes the following specific categories:

Digital Language: As digital language are understood all the research and experiences in the wide scope of the multiple disciplines that uses digital media.
Electronic Sonority: As electronic sonority are understood all research and experiences in the wide scope of sounds, having therefore a wider comprehension than the ambit of music, and open to possible transversalities with other disciplines.
Interactive Arts: As interactive arts are understood all research and experiences in the ambit of art that uses interactive media and which take into account the relationship between the work and its viewer; works inserted in the intersecting fields of art and science, technology, among others …
Led Show: “In situ” installations, of public character, to be displayed in LED facade of the FIESP-SP building
Symposium: Talk proposals that have the aim to expand an international discussion on electronic digital culture in its interdisciplinary extension.
Workshop: Projects that has the main purpose of transferring knowledge and also the research on the use of computing – and other technological languages – for creative purposes



3.1 Only registrations made through the website will be accepted.
3.2 To register, it is necessary to complete and send the online Registration Form (attached below).



4.1 All works should be available for consultation online through video documentation. In the specific case of video or/and audio works, it should be provided a link to download the file (.mp4 or .mp3 extension), as specified in the following item (4.2.). In the specific case of works made for internet, the work’s online address should be indicated.
4.2. Copies of the artworks (from now on denominated “works”) should be sent to the Organizer, in case of video and music works, through a link for download that must be indicated in the Registration Form, observing the following rules:
– Materials should be sent in the following formats: MOV, MPEG-4, mp4 or .mp3.
– In the specific case of animations and other video works, only the following file types are accepted: MOV or .mp4 (High resolution, HD / Full HD – codec H.264) .


In the specific case of works enrolled in FILE Led Show, the following conditions must be met:



a) Interactive works:
– Any software that runs in MAC or PC is accepted, as long as they generate an image with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels and a working area of 214 x 168 pixels.
– The artist is responsible for the installation of the work and the provision of technical solutions to any special needs, such as the required licenses for the operation of the software used.

b) Non-interactive works (video or animations):
– The files must be MOV, Motion JPEG A codification.
– The image’s resolution must be of 1024 x 768 pixels, with a working area of 214 x 168 pixels.

c) In both cases:
– The LED platform is made up by a network of approximately 24,000 pixels embedded in three surfaces of the FIESP building / Digital Gallery of SESI-SP (Paulista Avenue, 1313, São Paulo).
– Textual elements won’t be allowed – Including general presentations and credits.
– The mov. file must follow the mask rules that are attached to the Led Show Technical Specifications.


Download the Technical Specifications of FILE Led Show.



– Each participant may send up to 3 proposals of works that have been accomplished in the last 3 years (2017, 2018, 2019) for FILE 2020.
– In the act of registration and in the respective field of the Registration Form, the work’s descriptive documentation must be included, as well as the biography of the participant and/or group and other components.
– In the case of Installations, Performances and Public Art Projects (such as in FILE Led Show), in the respective field of the Registration Form, an URL must be included, in which should be available for download a file (PDF) with the detailed description of the work, information on the necessary equipment, physical space requirements, form of interaction, a link to a demonstrative video of the work, the participants’ role in relation to the interface, illustrations or sketches, transportation needs and any details that may be important to the full understanding of the proposal.
– The participant must submit a PDF document which shall contain specifications for assembly and disassembly of the work, as well as the use of objects and equipment loaned by the participant to the festival.
The festival is responsible for: the assembly of the work along with its technical specifications sent in advance to the production team of the festival; the disassembly in the absence of the artist through detailed technical roadmap; and the return of objects and equipment loaned by the artist as long as it has the prior instructions and the detailed list of specific items. Such instructions are paramount and full responsibility of the artists; the festival disclaims any problems resulting from their absence.
– It should be informed, in the the Registration Form, a web address – URL, in which will be available for download at least one high-resolution image (21 cm x 29,7 cm, 300 dpi) of the registered work, in TIFF or PNG format. This image will be used in press releases on the work, and FILE does not assume the responsibility for its reproduction from the festival’s publications. If the images should be credited someone, such credits should be specified by the participant in the respective field of the Registration Form.
– In the case of exclusively sound works, a link should be sent in which there is an extract during up to 5 minutes. These edited extracts may serve as a compressed remix of different musical areas of several compositions, or the participant may simply choose a continuous representative piece.
– In the case of an interactive work, it should be available online an additional video exemplifying the interactive interface of the work.



– The participant, in the act of shipping the works, authorizes FILE to exhibit those works in its events.
– If the work was accomplished by more than one person, only one person will be responsible or the Registration Form. The other members and/or collaborators should be indicated in the respective field of the Registration Form, as well as the group’s name and corresponding biographies. FILE doesn’t assume the responsibility for including in its exhibition and/or publications data which have not been informed in the Registration Form by the responsible participant.



5.1 The works will be analyzed by an internal judging commission, which will select the works that will be part of FILE exhibition.
5.2 The notification about the selection will be made individually by the FILE team to each participant, through the e-mail address specified in the Registration Form, as well as any posterior contact.



6.1 The participant will be the only person responsible for the authenticity of the supplied data, for the work’s authorship and/or content, being, therefore, the only liable person for such creations, answering before civil and criminal law for the practice of plagiarism or any other act which may hurt copyrights or the intellectual property of another person. It is of the participant’s total responsibility the use of images from third parties that may be part of the works’ content.



7.1 The participants hence authorize the Organizer, in a free, definitive, universal and irrevocable way, to use the works produced by them for participation in FILE events, as well as their names, images and voice sound, in all and any type of advertising, transmitted through electronic, digital, and/or printed media, including magazines, posters, television, radio and internet broadcasts, and any other type of media and/or promotional pieces, in the way that the Organizer considers suitable, without the incidence of any liability for the Organizer, having all the copyrights of their respective authors reserved. The participants authorize the Organizer the use of image and sound display of their works in any and all activities connected to its events.



8.1 The Organizer, at any moment, may at its exclusive discernment, to complement and/or modify the present document partially or totally. All modifications or complements will be taken to the general knowledge through publication in the site, and such changes or complements will only be valid 24 (twenty-four) hours after their publication in the site.
8.2 The judging commission’s decision is sovereign, not subject to any resource.
8.3 Upon filling the online Registration Form, the participants totally agree with the articles of this regulation, as well as with the use of their names, images, voices and photos for publicizing the selection’s result, besides their use in advertising, exhibitions, without any additional liability for the Organizer, or third parties indicated by it, during the legal period of copyright protection.
8.4 The participation in this selective process is FREE. Participants are not subject to any type of lottery or similar operation.
8.5 All doubts and/or questions derived from the present selective process will be solved by the Organizer, always considering the current norms of consumer protection. There will be no resource of any type to the Organizer’s decisions.











Entry Fee:

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