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The effectiveness of artist catalogues has been losing conventional popularity in recent times; partly due to easy and accessible means of displaying one’s work through different digital mediums. Szerelem International Artist Catalogue is an initiative to showcase fifty artists across the world who are working with interesting ideas and mediums but are lacking international exposure due to different reasons. With the help of this catalogue, we aim to rebrand the artist and his/her ideas by creating a meaningful narrative. All successful artists will be featured exclusively in the catalogue. Out of 50 artists, two of them will be selected for the cover pages of the catalogue.


Who should apply for the catalogue?

This call is open for artists across the world that are working with different mediums and movements and seeking to increase engagement with newer audiences. The aim of the project is to identify and promote talented artists from all over the world. The selection of artists will be carried out on the basis of their quality of work. Apart from fifty profiles that will be covered in the catalogue, other talented artists who cannot be featured due to competition and limited places will also receive a special mention. The genre is open but not limited to Painting, Drawing, Writing, Sculpture, Photography, Design, Prints and Mixed Media.


What is the procedure?

To apply for the artist catalogue, click “Begin Application” and submit your personal details along with three attachments of your work for evaluation. Successful applicants will be notified around the second week of December for ID checks. There is an application fee of USD 20 and is non-refundable upon submission. Once you complete the process, you will receive a confirmation in your email.


When will the catalogue be published?

The catalogue will be published in January 2023 and will be available via popular online market places. Successful artists will receive a digital copy via email as well.

Prizes Details: 

50 artist profiles will be published exclusively for the catalogue


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
USD 20
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