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“Flowing Emotion - The Rhythm of Autumn” Global Art Exhibution

After the Global Art Online Exhibition of Flowing Emotions - Song of Summer and Melody of Spring, the Spring Exhibition of the Flowing Emotions Four Seasons series, also known as the Flowing Emotions - Autumn Melody Global Art Exhibition (online and offline), officially invites global artists to explore the emotions of autumn together, explore them with their own brushes, and play a symphony of autumn together.


Emotions & Colors - Self Exploration Art Exhibition

Emotions are the driving force of every individual's existence, and when we possess emotions, we exhibit vitality. When emotions no longer exist, life loses its inner vitality. From passionate crime to Dep's depression, and then to apathy of schizophrenia. We can glimpse how emotions are changing within each person's body, and many people are unaware of their emotions and ultimately go astray.

And color is a rendering of externalized emotional power. Once our emotions are given color, we can more intuitively perceive their emotions from the colors.


Agaphe Gallery provides artists from all around the World with the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals,  curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best Contemporary art talents.

The New Artist | 5th Edition | Call For Artists

Join The New Artist 5th Edition - Reflecting Our Changing World. 


In the past century, humanity has leapt from the moon landing to the rise of social media, from the defense of human rights to the birth of new art forms. We're living in an era of accelerated change that requires us to transcend, adapt, and redefine. 


You, as artists, are our eyes in the storm, our pioneers and truth-seekers. You turn challenges into inspiration, question the status quo, and manifest the soul of our era.


Our upcoming exhibition offers you a stage to reflect the pulse of our rapidly changing world. The goal is to understand current trends in contemporary art and foster a dynamic conversation between you, the artists, and your audience.


Wild Life

We are an Art  Gallery in central Lancaster organising a exhibition under the theme of wild life, from 17 of june to  1 of july  2023 , all artist are welcome , on the formats of  painting, sculpture, and drawing , painting and drawing must be frame , and have as max ,60 cm by 60 cm . For Sculpture  welcome any medium , for wall or for be base on a plinth, max  60 cm high x 40 cm round.  

Vogue | 6th Edition | Call For Artists

What is the right approach to contemporary art when there is so much going on?  


There is so much going on in art right now that we often feel confused and we ask ourselves- why is a certain artist successful and I’m not? 


Well, nobody has a straight forward answer for this question but if we get a closer look at the very successful artists we often see a pattern, they tend to get inspired from each other, they follow the VOGUE. 


The aim of this exhibition is to see how contemporary artists respond to contemporary world and to connect them and their work with an wider audience. 


This Exhibition Will Take Place At Our Gallery Space In Tower Bridge Area, London Uk. 



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