Off Broadway NYC Art Show

the set NYC seeking NYC and New York City artists:  Off Broadway New York City art shows.  Open theme.  Connect with artists and designer, art talk ,  art and love discussions , creating new connections.  Hosted and performed by PimComedy, his work:

PimComedy is an avant garde artist and designer, looking to help the community.  Loving and helping others, he has established a New York City avant garde art program and gallery to help NYC and outside Artists.  Also , we use zoom.  

Themes explored include Abstract , Abstract realism , surrealism , fine art, performance art, and the beauty of making connections  .  I hope to hear from you!

New York City preferred.  Much love


Exhibition Dates: May 30 - June 12, 2021

Dacia Gallery invites emerging and established artists to submit artwork for an opportunity to participate in our upcoming summer group exhibition in NYC. We are looking for a diverse body of artwork in all mediums and styles, this will be a mixed group show of recent artwork created by contemporary artists, exhibiting what they are working on today. The gallery will advertise and promote the selected artists for the exhibition and host a formal Opening Reception. If you are looking for gallery representation and to participate in an Art Show in New York City, submit your art that we may discover your compelling work and present it to the public, gallery directors, curators and collectors..

"May I...?" Art Show

May I...?

Art Show. Open Call.

StartaArta is seeking artwork for inclusion in “May I …” art show.

To celebrate the arrival of spring and mark the long anticipated art awakening, we are casting an artist Open Call for a new show of contemporary art in New York City. The show’s title "MAY I...?" will be an art exhibition to highlight artistic creative intention. The show shall honor contemporary artists displaying the meaning and mood of the times.


Your work featured on popular NYC storefronts and sidewalk restaurant fences.

Please visit the link to apply.


30 x 30 2020

30 pieces in 30 days

The 30×30 show is a great way to explore any theme or style by creating one panel that displays 30 works that are 6 inches by 6 inches each, or 3 dimensional work that is no bigger than 6 x 6 x 6 inches. We cannot accommodate any 3 dimensional artwork unless on the wall on a board. Use the 30-day work period restraint to challenge yourself to create constantly. Each piece will be sold individually, giving viewers the unique opportunity to take home artwork that they may not be able to afford otherwise. So, do you accept our challenge?

Escape Reality: Video Game Art

Narrative, character development, choreography, illustration, set design, music, and cinematography all play a role in the creation of a video game. So is a video game art or entertainment? Can it be both?

Whether you’re a fan of old school pixels or emerging tech, the Video Game Art show is the perfect place to showcase your love for virtual worlds. Show us your elevated fan art or showcase a video game of your own design. If you have a playable game, we would love to allow people to try it out. Please use the application to submit screenshots from the game. We are looking for any medium, but submissions must be fine art. In the interest of being open to new media, we ask you to define “fine art” at your own discretion.


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