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Seeking Prose, Poetry and Artwork on the Theme of Hospitals




The A3 Review is looking for poems, short stories, mini-essays, comics, illustrations, etc inspired by Hospitals.

Deadline is 25th of April, 2020.

We welcome short stories, flash fiction, poetry, comics, graphic stories, a snippet of memoir, photographs, illustrations, and any combination of the above. The only restriction is a word-limit of 150 and images should fit well into an A6 postcard-sized panel.

Some ideas for inspiration: Work inspired by hospital buildings, for example, and their public phones and car parks. Or the view from a hospital window. Consider the small things, too. The surgeon's tools, the items on a tray of food, those small acts of kindness. Write a praise song to nurses. Write about ways to pass the time in hospital and the memories those activities evoke. You could tell the story of being rushed to hospital or escaping from one. The first time you had stitches. An encounter in a waiting room. The second time you had stitches. Write about hospital food and hospital beds, sanitation and hygiene, humour and coldness. Take inspiration from Marianne Boruch’s “Hospital” and consider what it's like to watch hospital staff doing their work. 

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Publication and cash prizes.


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