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2021 SETC Fall Professional Auditions






Seeking participants for the 2021 SETC Fall Professional Auditions. The 2021 Fall Professional Auditions are traditionally held each year as live auditions, however as a result of Covid-19, the process has been altered to introduce online video auditions to increase the opportunities for those who are not able or willing to travel or attend in person.

About the hiring companies: "A wide variety of theatre and entertainment companies from across the nation come to SETC for their casting/hiring needs. Professional organizations from across the U.S. attend to hire actors, singers and dancers (and combos of all three) for their upcoming seasons. Producing groups include regional, repertory, stock, and dinner theatres, cruise ships, touring and production companies and other entities that provide monetary compensation/salary on a contracted basis to a majority of its staff. A minimum of two years production history and solid financial standing are required."

To learn about the audition process, eligibility guidelines and registration via SETC’s website:

The deadline for registering is August 12th.


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Open Call for the new production: Mist



We are happy to announce the first collaboration between Casa Womb Mexico and La Pacha Apapacha!


The workshop "Beyond Corporeal Pore | Más allá de los poros corporales" will have a total duration of 12 hours and a cost of US$50.


Those selected for the Workshop / Audition will be communicated through their personal email on February 21, 2021. They will have until February 24 to cover their quota, otherwise, their place will go to the next on the waiting list.


At the end of the Workshop, the participants who so wish, will present scenes to audition for the cast of our next production: MIST. There will be a minimum of two paid functions.


To apply, please send the following material to


- 1 headshot, 1 full body photo

- Full CV

- A paragraph about your motivations and expectations (in the body of the email)


We are loooking forward to working with you!

Best regards,

Joui Turandot & Juliana Spínola.

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