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Call for Submissions: BIPOC Curatorial Fellow @Evanston Art Center





 Program Overview:

The Evanston Art Center (EAC), an artistic hub on the North Shore for over ninety years, believes that some

communities are all too rarely represented in the curatorial world. To address this situation, the EAC is building a

recurrent, project-based position for a curator who will work with the EAC to develop an exhibition of their

choosing. The EAC is specifically seeking a Black, Indigenous or Person of Color (BIPOC) curator with ties to

communities of color in Evanston and the Chicago Metro-area to create an exhibition, along with related materials.

The curator will choose the subject, theme and content of the exhibition with the EAC acting as a facilitator. It is the

EAC’s intent that such an exhibit will both build new ties to historically underrepresented groups as well as

introduce Evanston and the greater Chicago area to new curatorial and artistic perspectives.

 Evaluation Criteria:

Selection criteria follow, in order of priority. The number beside each criterion represents its weight in the

Exhibition Committee’s evaluation process, with 5 being the most important.

• The Curator Identifies as BIPOC (5)

• The Curator has a Strong Connection to Evanston and Network Within BIPOC Communities in Evanston


• The Project Plans to Connect the EAC to Underserved Communities in Evanston and the Chicago metro

area and Specifically BIPOC Communities (5)

• The Project is Articulated Coherently and Clearly (5)

• The Project Presents New Perspectives (5)

• The Curator has, Interesting and Recent Experience Presenting Contemporary Art (5)

• Personal Interview (5)

• Communication Skills (5)

• Resume and references (2)


Prize summary: 
Prizes Details: 

 Curatorial Fee: $2,500 payable in full to the curator over 4 installments after quarterly updates to the Exhibition


• 1st Installment: July 15, 2021

• 2nd Installment: October 15, 2021

• 3rd Installment: January 15, 2022

• 4th Installment: April 15, 2022

 Exhibition Expenses: not more than $2,500 payable as reimbursements to the curator for documented expenses.


Entry Fee:

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