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Primo Piano LivinGallery is pleased to announce the new contemporary art project and urban art residency titled: “URBAN ART RESIDENCY AND SHOW”, curated by Dores Sacquegna.


The urban art residency  represents an educational path centered between urban and non-urban, between art and the environment, between work and exhibition space. This experiment connects people who do not know each other and who do not know the city, to have a plural and multidisciplinary point of view in a new context for them, through a 10-day artistic residency, in which the resident artists will live a unique and fascinating experience. An urban workshop, centered in the old city and in the suburb, in order to obtain important food for thought as well as visual / video / photographic materials that can be reworked in a final installation / works with an group exhibition at the Palmieri’s Foundation in Lecce (show scheduled from 3 to 17 December 2021).

The project in short

In the contemporary world, the concept of the city itself is continually questioned enough to say that there are different forms of urban life. The city borders are faded, the borders are areas of opacity, always mobile and indefinite.  But how is this boundary identified? The project focuses on the concept of “boundaries” between man and the city, between the city and nature. It analyzes the idea of human and urban boundaries: that is, how people live them or how they are modified in contemporary society. Thus, you will have a narration of the landscape, a way of describing the city through itself.

The strength of this art project lies in the choice of some specific urban places accessible by foot or by city buses. Some of them are a real open-air museum rich in street arts murals and art public works. During the residency we will meet the Street Art group artista that created the wonderful murals in Lecce and its province.Each resident will have to map as a border or a working area, describing their idea of ​​”border” and reflecting on the words “man and environment”, “art and nature”, “city and border “. In this sense, art becomes a real research tool, urban and human redevelopment.The residency project allows artists to “experiment” themselves in an unknown place and make new acquaintances. Among the works created, those with the greatest visual impact will be chosen by Art Curator  for the group exhibition in Lecce.

Eligibility and works
The project is open to worldwide artists operating mainly with Urban Design, Land and enviroment Art, Short video /films, Photography, Installations, Collage, Mixed Media, Creative Writing, Drawing and more.

Main activities about residency

  • urban art project under supervision and care of Dores Sacquegna
  • work districts in situ and visit tours and meeting with art curator
  • contact to the local scene:  artists studios, collectors homes and foundations
  • organized tours at the contemporary art museums, art galleries, heritage monuments
  • selected accomodations in the old city full furnished to live a safe and pleasant stay

Main activities abour show

  • Group exhibition in interesting and Renaissance of Palmieri's Foundation
  • Printed catalogs with published works
  • Video Review by recognized artists
  • Live performance for opening day
  • Works for sale in situ and by online e-commerce
  • Prize & Award

Dates Art Projects

  • Art Residency: December 2021, from 24th November to 4th December  (n. 10 nights)
  • Group Exhibition: December 2021, from 3th to 17th  – Palmieri’s Foundation (n. 15 days)

The Art Curator

Dores Sacquegna is a curator and art director of contemporary art. Since 1994 to date, she has worked and reviewed works by recognized artists such as Christo and Jeanne Claude, Louise Bourgeois, Hermann Nitsch, Matthew Barney among others. She has curated exhibitions in Italy and abroad, collaborating with art galleries, museums, foundation, corporates and collectors. To learn more visit

Lecce, Capital of Baroque

The city of Lecce is a crossroads of cultures and sedimentations from prehistoric times to today, has seen its splendor in its wonderful Roman, Messapian, Medieval, Renaissance, Liberty, Arab, Spanish and Jewish’s architecture present in the city and small villages around it.  Lecce is mainly a Baroque city, which explodes with bright decorations that enrich palaces, churches and private homes with the intense colors of its stone: a soft and compact limestone, with warm and golden colors that lends itself very well to working with the stonemason. Baroque art spread to Lecce in the Seventeenth Century, during the Spanish domination, replacing classical art and creating a style that left room for fantasy and imagination. Lecce it is hospitable and tidy town, with a great gastronomy and an exceptional landscape and sea between Ionian and Adriatic coasts in which Lecce overlooks. An open-air museum among the most fascinating in Italy, the pearl of Puglia’s region. Scenic and welcoming, Lecce attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world. You're welcome!


The project request a fee for art services including accommodation. Artists can involve their sponsors or ask for a grant in their country of origin. In return, PPLG will add details and logo with a dedicated page in the catalog of the show. Ask for more details.

Prize summary: 
Prize & Award
Prizes Details: 

To help and to increase the career opportunities of the artists involved, Primo Piano will select the best projects that will receive Prize & Awards Certificates printed on A4 format Parchment paper, signed by hand by Art Curator and by President of Primo Piano LivinGallery.

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