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Yosemite Renaissance 37 Competition and Exhibition




If you are an artist inspired by Yosemite and the California Sierra Nevada, this is a fabulous opportunity to share your vision!

The call to artists for the 37th annual Yosemite Renaissance Art Exhibit and Competition is OPEN, closing on November 28nd 2021.

The exhibit showcases works related to Yosemite National Park and the California Sierra Nevada region.  For over 150 years, artists have played an important role in the establishment of our state and national parks, inspiring people to visit iconic natural sites, and to protect our parks, wild lands and natural resources. Yosemite Renaissance is dedicated to this ideal.

We encourage artists to celebrate the beauty and wonder of nature, to explore environmental issues, ecology, history, current events, spiritual and cultural themes.  

Prize summary: 
$4,000 in cash awards.
Prizes Details: 

$4,000 in cash awards will be announced at the opening reception at Yosemite Gateway Art Center in March 2022.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
The first entry is $25. Additional entries (up to 8) are $15 each.
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