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Televised Revolution: Working Towards Criminal Justice Reform Through Art




America is heralded as both the capital of consumerism and commercialization, with the highest GDP in the world, and the capital of mass incarceration, with the highest prison population in the world. Criminal justice reform is long overdue, and though underpaid prison labor plays a role in American production, those convicted of a crime are still treated as unvalued members of society. A simple campaign that focuses on viewing convicts as fellow citizens and humans and paying them fair wages for their production is necessary in order to achieve criminal justice reform. 

"Televised Revolution" aims to feature artwork by artists who are currently incarcerated, formerly incarcerated, or have otherwise been affected by the U.S. criminal justice system, with a particular focus on artists of color. The exhibition will draw the relationship between American consumerism and criminal justice reform by showcasing prison artwork and other creative commodities for the profit of the artist. Rather than focus on the grim realities of prison life and the criminal justice system, we hope the exhibition will help viewers connect with the humanity and depth of those incarcerated and provide a vision of reformation about the criminal justice system. 


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DIGITAL INTERVIEW | Apply now for a curated digital interview



Promote your work with Al-Tiba9 Interviews and engage with our diverse readership. 

Al-Tiba9 Interviews is a promotional platform for artists to articulate their vision and to reach a varied audience of art collectors, art lovers, and fellow artists. You will receive a webpage entirely dedicated to you, with a selection of works, your artist’s statement and biography, as well as a detailed interview, tailored specifically to promote you and your artworks.

10 questions with the artist - The Digital Interview
Once selected, you will be interviewed by the founder & curator Mohamed Benhadj to highlight your artistic career and introduce you to the international contemporary art scene across our wide network of museums, galleries, art professionals, art dealers, collectors, and art lovers across the globe.


• Artists are welcome to submit their works. All techniques are welcome.
• Artists from all countries are welcome to submit.
• Artists interviewed in the past can submit new works.

• FREE Submission
• All applications need to be in English.
• Please complete the form below. 

• A personal interview will be sent via email to the artist, including 10 questions.
• Interviews will be published permanently on our platform.

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Barcelona, Spain | September 03 – 23, 2021
Extended deadline: August 08, 2021

BARCELONA CONTEMPORARY is a contemporary art fair that presents collective and solo projects by leading and emerging international artists. The 3rd edition will represent a forum for direct exchange of ideas and contacts between collectors, artists, photographers, designers and art professionals. The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, installations, video art and live performance.

BARCELONA CONTEMPORARY, organized by ITSLIQUID Group, will be held in Barcelona, at Valid World Hall Gallery from September 03 to September 23, 2021.

COVID-19 Protection Concept – The health and safety of our staff and visitors are of predominant importance to ITSLIQUID Group. This Protection Concept governs how we intend to operate after the lockdown has ended, the rules that will be applied inside the exhibition spaces and how these will be implemented in practice.

BARCELONA CONTEMPORARY provides artists and exhibitors with the unique opportunity to present their works to an international audience of professionals as curators, gallerists, collectors, editors and publishers who seek to acquire, publish and encourage the best contemporary art talents.

The participation includes the following services
– exhibition space dedicated to the artist’s works
– assisting with customs formalities, international shipping and local transport
– assisting in finding accommodation for artist
– the design and the printing of invitation cards, posters
– the global and local press office, publicity, press, banners, totem, etc.
– the realization of the exhibition website and dedicated press releases
– mounting and dismounting of the exhibition
– exhibitions opening event with drinks and food
– a one day dedicated presentation, talk or workshop focusing on the artist’s career
– a dedicated interview published on ITSLIQUID website and spread on our social networks
– providing services and drinks for small meetings at the exhibition places for invited guests

BARCELONA CONTEMPORARY 2021 analyzes the relationship between body and space, and the hybridization between identities and cultural/physical/social/urban settings in contemporary time, through two main sections: MIXING IDENTITIES and FUTURE LANDSCAPES.

MIXING IDENTITIES analyzes the hidden parts of our identities, through an immersive experience inside the fascinating universe of the complex labyrinths of our consciousness. The human body is a changing system that connects us with other bodies and spaces to perceive the surrounding reality; a strong communication system with its own language and infinite ways of expression.

FUTURE LANDSCAPES are abstract, infinite and conceptual, associated with a sense of freedom and infinite extension. Primarily experienced with the mind, spaces redefining their limits and borders, transforming surfaces in open flow of pure ideas. This section focuses on the concept of the borders and the structures between body, mind and soul, the human identity and the city, the space and the ground.

Extended deadline for applications is August 08, 2021 (11.59 PM of your local time)


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IncuArts invites artists to submit work for Past/ Present/ Future- an exhibition exploring how time, experience, and history impact us.


Who writes history? Are we simply repeating ourselves? How does the past impact the present and future? Whose narrative is being told? What future are you fighting for? What is your story? Has your story been ignored by the collective mainstream?

Artists exploring ideas related to personal narrative, history, cultural issues, environmental issues, inclusion v exclusion, and social activism are encouraged to apply.

Women, BIPOC, LGBTQA+, and other community members who embody these experiences, and whose stories have been excluded from our cultural narrative are strongly encouraged to apply.

Artists of all media are encouraged to apply.


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Call for applications: Sommerakademie Paul Klee 2021/22





Up to nine residents are invited to join the Sommerakademie Paul Klee (SPK) program, curated by artist Dora García, and beginning 2 August 2021. Over the course of 2021 & 2022, the SPK features public lectures, closed-door seminars, and access to state-of-the-art infrastructure and technical support at the Bern University of the Arts (HKB) – but also teaching opportunities in the form of workshops at the HKB. In response to ongoing practical and political contingencies, this call is addressed to applicants residing within an approx. 1000 km radius of Bern. For the same reason, we are newly introducing the option of digital SPK residencies, from further afar.

Application deadline is 5 May 2021, 7 AM CET.

Credit Line: Demonstrations during International Women's Day, 8 March 2019, Ciudad de México. Photo by Esthel Vogrig

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Inner World- Call For Artist- Boomer Gallery

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In times where our lives seem on the edge most of us take refuge in something where they can express their inner self, and nobody does that with more passion and struggle than artists. The aim of this exhibition is simple - to express our "Inner World" to the world, to show our commitment during the greatest single challenge of our generation and to prove that we are not "less" than the generations of great artists before us. 

Everyone of us has been at a point in life where we had to endure, endure the lack of support, the lack of understanding from people around us particularly the ones close to us, criticism and the notorious line - "why don’t you get a real job?"

Yet in these times where we face deadly pandemics and challenges all around, the creators are badly affected and nobody wants to support arts because artists are not "critical workers"... Is that so?!

No it’s not! In 80 years when people will walk in a museum and see a work done in 2020, they won’t remember anything about any pandemic or struggles and rightly so, the good things always survive and transcend time.

If we visit the National Gallery in Washington and see Picasso’s Still Life from 1918 will we think about the 1918 Spanish flu? Most of us won’t, we will think how passionately they worked in those times, how great it was, how famous they’ve become.

The aim of this exhibition is simple - to express our "Inner World" to the world, to show our commitment during the greatest single challenge of our generation and to prove that we are not "less" than the generations of great artists before us.

Submission Guidelines:

To apply for Inner World exhibition simply send us 3 images of your work (3 separate works), Title_ Size_ Medium_ Price and a short bio, no more than 150 words.

Eligible media but not limited to: painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, installation, performance, video, print.

Important Note: The artworks should not exceed 150/150 centimetres. 

The open call will be open from 11 May 2020 until 20 June 2020.

Selection of the artist will be done in 2 steps:

1. Throughout the open call we will preselect a group of artists to go in the final phase.

2. Once the open call is closed a group of 3 judges will select 15 artists that will participate in the exhibition.

To apply for for Inner World open call is free of charge, only the preselected artists will be required to pay a small fee of £15 (a PayPal invoice will follow after the confirmation) this fee will help cover the logistics, gallery space and moving the artworks around. 

Key dates.

On 22nd June the judge panel will select the 15 winners and on 23rd June we will officially announce them.

The selected 15 will be required to deliver their works on 7th July between 11 am and 6 pm at the following address: 41- 71 Commercial Road, E1 1LA - 5th floor, studio 501. 


Our chosen spot for this exhibition is in the heart of London - Aldgate Studios, 41 - 71 Commercial Road, E1 1LA. 

The exhibition will run from 10th to 17th July with a private view on 10th July - 6 to 9 pm (if social distance is still applicable we will be conducting pre-booked tours of 3 to 5 people during the whole period of the exhibition). Make sure you keep an eye on our Instagram page - we will post some of our favourites along the way.


FQD Artist from what countries are eligible to apply? - artist of any country and any background can apply. Can the work be shipped? - yes the work can be shipped to us. If I pay the £15 will I be guaranteed to participate? - no, you will be one of the preselected artists that qualifies for the judge panned- the judge panel will select 15 artists out of all submissions.

Good luck to you all!


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£15 per acceptance
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