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Have you ever crossed a line? It can be a physical border, a step beyond what is proper or acceptable, it can be crossing boundaries too. And if we did it for a good reason? And what if we discovered that on the other side of the border, choice, or country, there is something that would change our life forever? Even thinking about it can give us hope. 

To move, progress, migrate and cross the borders has been in human nature since ancient times. It’s enough to think about great discoveries, new picks, new planets, new inventions and much more. To move also means to be able to overcome the difficulties and step up for ourselves, without limitations of colours, religion, sexual orientation or disabilities.

Aren’t we all displaced and citizens of the world? With the current times and technology, to travel is very easy and we are all connected in a big wide world. Hope is high when thinking about the infinite possibilities in our lives: we continuously cross the borders, the boundaries and we overstep and change. This process is only natural and part of our growth and development. When we choose to move, we instantly produce a reaction and to cross the line is just the first step.

The exhibition ‘Borders of Hope’ searches for artists who look into changing the world into a better place thanks to hope and a pinch of resourcefulness that lead us to cross borders, countries, physical and mental limits, rules and mixing our traditions in order to forge a worldwide strong community.

253 Hoxton Street Market, N1 5LG, London (UK)

2-9 December 2022

SKT Gallery - 253 Hoxton Street Market, N1 5LG, London (UK)

Entry Fee:

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£160 if selected
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Summer Exhibition




Calling all visual artists worldwide to send in their submission for our annual Summer Exhibition 2021.

The Theme for this year is 'Our Changing World'

There will be 2 selections as follows:

Online Exhibition and Gallery Exhibition.


Deadline for submissions 9th July 2021 midnight UK time

Prize Summary: 
Over £1000 to be won in prizes
Prizes Details: 

Top Prize £500

Second Prize £250

Third prize £100


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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