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Evolution: Chamber - Quartets, Piano Trios + Composers


Evolution: Chamber - Quartets, Piano Trios + Composers offers early-career quartets, piano trios, and composers the opportunity to explore the lineage of the string quartet and piano trio, both as historical genres and as new and invigorated practices in the early 21st century - from Haydn, to new music created by the program’s faculty and participant composers. This highly specialized program provides you with the opportunity to enrich your approaches to interpretation, performance practice, and composition. Working with internationally celebrated faculty in a unique educational environment, ensembles are able to hone their craft, identify gaps, and reconsider priorities as you work towards cultivating artistic attributes that define your ensemble. 

Evolution: Classical 2023


Evolution: Classical is a program for classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists interested in artistic development.  You will discover and cultivate new and authentic approaches to program curation, and hone the skills required to build an impactful and engaging artistic practice. The program provides a supportive, inclusive and inspiring environment for those working in both traditional ensembles and non-traditional collaborative entities.

Indigenous Classical Music Gathering | In Person

Banff Center is excited to invite folks to the third iteration of the Indigenous Classical Music Gathering (ICMG), led by faculty members Cris Derksen and Eliot Britton. Building on the groundbreaking work previously established by the Canadian Classical Indigenous Music Gathering, Indigenous composers and performers will come together to cultivate their individual crafts through collaboration and personal development. 

Participants will spend time each day to gather and discuss current classical music issues, unpack our shared history of being Indigenous within the genre, and shine a light onto where we would like to see classical music go. 

Evolution: Classical 2022


Evolution: Classical is an innovative artist development program for instrumentalists and vocalists who are in the early stages of career development and are interested in exploring and expanding the traditions and conventions that define their artistic practice. Led by the Gryphon Trio, Evolution: Classical brings participants together with international performing artists, thought leaders and creative innovators to collectively explore the challenges and choices that emerging, entrepreneurial artists encounter as they make the decisions that determine their way forward. 

Evolution: Quartet | Classical Music Summer 2020


Evolution: Quartet explores the string quartet lineage from Haydn to new music made in Banff by and for the program’s faculty and participants.

Led by the internationally celebrated Eybler, Parker, and Jack string quartets, the Evolution: Quartet mentor group is further reinforced by an extraordinary cohort of instrumentalists, composers, and scholars. 

Evolution: Classical | Classical Music Summer 2020


Evolution: Classical is a three-week career development program for classically trained instrumentalists and vocalists. The residency's mentor group will be led by the Gryphon Trio and will include an inspiring group of internationally recognized performing artists, artists from other creative and performing arts disciplines, career advisors, arts managers, and presenters. 

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