Ageing from Existence




projektado collective is opening for video contributions to its latest project ‘Ageing from existence’. Open to everyone, professional or amateur, and driven by an experimental and collaborative approach to audiovisual communication, this project is an opportunity to delve into a shared and unpredictable process.

All video submissions will be used in the final piece, as long as they don’t infringe any of our platform’s guidelines* and relate to the topic explored in this open call.

‘Ageing from existence’ is not a project about death, or the idea of material transformation in time. Instead, our attention is on what is thrown away too soon; on people, practices and ideas that have been consumed by the aura of perceived obsolescence too often placed on socially significant parts of our lives. With the aim of shedding light on what, even when still living, active, meaningful, useful, is ignored from existence.

We see this in people and social activities, in the lack of intergenerational spaces and practices, in the segregation of the ageing population, in the inadequate support systems available to this demographic group that is rapidly growing but is still treated as a minority, in a longevity revolution that is happening but is not recognised.

We also experience these phenomena in the material world around us, with more and more of it falling into disuse due to external factors, rather than its intrinsic ability to last and function: technologies made ‘obsolete’ by an ever changing market obsessed with novelty and ‘innovation’; clothing, music, art, systems of communication that remain associated and relegated to socio-cultural contexts of the past; contents and media that are rapidly buried under the incessant production of more things to read, see, hear, know, experience; ideas, cultures, heritages that struggle to be heard in the chaotic and forgetful world of today.

This project aims to explore this urgent topic through storytelling. We will adopt an experimental and collaborative approach to content curation and visual communication to tell the stories of things, bodies and notions from an array of geographical and historical contexts. We are embarking on a challenge to assemble stories told through diverse perspectives and formats, and transform them into a coherent narrative.

We are asking for video submissions, of any format, length (min. 5 seconds), quality, or style. Submissions can be film, animation, phone videos, or any other media that can be displayed in video format.

Contributions should be made with the consideration of the collaborative and experimental nature of the project. To create a unique storytelling experience, an incremental curating process will be undertaken by the collective, where videos will be cut, edited and combined with each other, towards a unified whole.


*You may not submit content that: infringes any third party’s copyrights or other rights; is pornographic or promotes a sexual service; promotes or supports defamation, harassment or abuse; promotes or supports hateful or discriminatory practices; exploits or endangers minors; promotes or encourages self-harm or suicide; depicts unlawful real-world acts of extreme violence and brutality, sexualized violence, including rape, torture, and humiliation, or extreme violence towards animals; promotes unlawful or dubious money-making schemes, proposes an unlawful transaction, or uses deceptive marketing practices; conveys misleading information about socially and historically significant events, or false claims about public-health.


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Audiovisual Collaboration: Building & Performing (phase 1) with Tarik Barri, Dejha Ti And Konx Om Pax




This is the first in a two-week series exploring the space and connections between audio and visual art - the second workshop is here. Both workshops stand alone, they are complete events within themselves, and can be taken separately. However, for maximum depth of experience we recommend signing up to both and staying two weeks. What's more, if you sign up to both, you get a 50% discount on the second one and free accommodation in between the two sessions! Just book workshop 1, and drop us a line for your discount code.

This workshop is aimed at musicians interested in adding visual dimensions to their work, visual/installation artists interested in delving into sonic elements, and anyone with an interest in exploring the space where audio and visual arts meet, whether in a live performance, installation or studio/workshop environment.

Over five days, you will explore a wide range of subjects, techniques and approaches, with expert guidance from three of the most exciting artists in this field: Dejha Ti, Tom Scholefield (aka Konx Om Pax), and Tarik Barri.

Day 1 & 5

Kicking off and closing the workshop, we have two days with the award-winning conceptual artist Dejha Ti. In Dejha's workshop, she will unveil a birds eye view of her techniques used for highly reactive projection environments for music. Areas covered are:

1 a) a comprehensive reactive technical workflow between musician and visual artist; 1b) connection of musical instruments (including electronic instruments, Ableton and acoustic drums) to media playback server; 1c) connecting media server to musician/stage position over long distances;1 d) workflow for creating midi cues in Ableton to output to the media playback server (Note: Resolume Arena 6 will be the media server of choice for the workshop, however these techniques are relevant for those using alternate media servers like TouchDesigner, Modul8, VDMX, etc); 

2) Video mapping your set and DMX controls in Resolume Arena 6. Quick review for alternate options for mapping such as Madmapper 

3 a) Prepping and exporting video content in Adobe After Effects and/or Premiere 3b) Setting up your workspace in Resolume and connecting your controller 3c) Ingesting live camera feeds into Resolume 4) Alternative projection surfaces, display and lighting options

Dejha Ti is a multi award-winning Los Angeles and Berlin based conceptual artist with an extensive background in immersive art and human-computer interaction (HCI) creating multifaceted digital-physical worlds. In addition to her immersive art practice, her collaborations in music date back to 2008, manifesting in immersive interactive stages and performances, time-based visual albums, music videos, and web experiences. Selected collaborations include Amon Tobin, Ableton Loop Festival (LA), BET, Madame Gandhi, Robot Koch x Little Ashes, Underoath, and Rick Feds. Her practice focuses on how art and technology can be harnessed to form new digital architectures and push beyond the spectacle of novel technologies.

Dejha has a collaborative practice with her wife Ania Catherine, and together they've been called "the two critical contemporary voices on digital art’s international stages” (Clot Magazine), an "LGBT power couple" (Flaunt Magazine) and listed as one of the "7 emerging artists to watch in 2022" (Contemporary Art Issue). With no allegiance to anyone medium, the duo creates large scale works merging environments, performance art and creative technology. Notable works include "Soft Evidence" supported by the EU Commission and MediaFutures; "On View" commissioned by SCAD Museum of Art; and "I'd rather be in a dark silence than" commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Digital Art. In 2016 the duo founded their art house Operator which executes their multifaceted works.

Dejha speaks internationally and has been presented in programmes such as BBC, Bloomberg ART+TECHNOLOGY, Christie’s Art+Tech Summit, SXSW, Ars Electronica, Mutek Montreal, Electronic Beats, Crypto and Digital Art Fair as well awarded by the Lumen Prize (Immersive), ADC Award (Gold Cube), and S+T+ARTS Prize (Honorary Mention).

Days 2 & 3

The next two  days of the workshop will be presented by Dutch audiovisual composer Tarik Barri. Tarik creates AV works using software he programs himself, and has collaborated with Radiohead, Atoms for Peace, Sote, Nicolas Jaar, Monolake and others. Since 2015, he has toured as part of a trio with Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich in a series of concerts featuring Yorke's Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes project.

In Tarik’s own words - “The power of visuals within the music world is in many ways remarkably unexplored. While I never totally understood why this is the case, as an audiovisual artist I did spend much time focussing specifically on fusing these art forms into one. The biggest obstacle I encountered was the difference between the methods for creating image and sound.

Even though both could be created on the computer, there was a huge gap between the types of software used in their creation: the ways of thinking they required, the way they deal with time, the room they provide for spontaneous decisions, etc. For some time however, computers have become so powerful that this gap has become unnecessary. Music and visual software developers have been a bit slow to catch on to this fact though, leaving it up to programmer-artists to program their own solutions.

Having mostly technical artists enter this field however results in a specific kind of thinking and aesthetic, very focussed on technical achievements. It limits the diversity of people and artistic expressions I see around me: it gets quite boring. To help solve this problem, I’m one of the co-developers of Videosync, which allows people to use the music software Ableton Live to create realtime visuals and close the gap between image and sound, free from the technical barriers normally surrounding this field.

During this workshop I will introduce you to the Videosync software and dive deep into the many possibilities that this type of creation allows us to discover.”

Day 4

During Tom Scholefield’s workshop, he’ll be gathering field recordings and imagery from around the CAMP location to process into a site specific piece for projection. We will be focusing on traditional key frame animation mixed with 3d and learning how to prepare sound and visuals for a live performance.

For Tom (aka Konx Om Pax), the language of design and music production cross over. As a producer, he’s released two LPs on Planet Mu, the first of which was a resolutely melancholy and grainy take on pastoral IDM, shaped by living alone in Glasgow. The result of a move to Berlin and subsequent embrace of more rave tinged signatures, his later releases (Caramel and Refesher) present a fresh take on advanced dance music that is hard to tame. Saturated neon colours, classic ’80s sci-fi and early modernist cues are recurrent themes in a vivid aesthetic that’s instantly recognisable and helping shape the looks of Oneohtrix Point Never, Hudson Mohawke and Kuedo.

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Talkaoke Skill Lab - development opportunity


Talkaoke Skills Lab is a cross-border creative development opportunity, by an interdisciplinary art group The People Speak [London] and an art and activism hub KQ [Kampala] supported by the British Council. Taking place online / hybrid, the programme is for the UK and Uganda-based artists, performers, writers, creative producers, cultural programmers interested in pushing the boundaries of socially engaged creative practice. 

What to expect:

  • 8 online sessions via Zoom using Talkaoke – pop-up talk show format, where we will cover: key points of The People Speak methodology, including: facilitation and creation of non-hierarchical spaces and participation structures, use of digital / hybrid technology; 
  • Participant-led discussions exploring current themes and issues; co-creation of interactive learning structure where participants decide on the skills they wish to develop and share; 
  • 1 public facing hybrid event co-created by the participants in two cities, taking place in venues in London and Kampala
  • Mentoring and individual support with artistic and professional development by The People Speak, KQ Hub and a wider network of creative collaborators 
  • Technical support in how to get the best out of online platforms


The programme builds on The People Speak 25 years experience of facilitation and creating participant-led, emergent and interactive interventions and formats such as Talkaoke - a TV-style pop-up talk show. Previous partnerships include: all Tate Galleries, Barbican, In situ, ice-9 [Norway], LIFT, Rich Mix. 


Application deadline is Tuesday 1 February. 

Register for an online Talkaoke information session on Thursday 13 January, 12pm [UK time] or 15:00 [Uganda time] via this link

Find out more about the programme by following this link.


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Call for Entry: Southwest Contemporary Vol. 5 — Collectivity + Collaboration.



Southwest Contemporary Vol. 5 — Collectivity + Collaboration.

Guest juror: Darren Jones, U.S. editor-at-large for New Art Examiner and a frequent contributor to Artforum.

Deadline: December 10, 2021, 11:59 pm MT.

Published: March 2022.

Submission Fee: $15.

In SWC’s Spring-Summer 2022 issue, we will look at collectivity and collaboration in art throughout the Southwest, encompassing artists collaborating with other artists, interdisciplinary teams, and artists who work closely with communities, landscapes, materials, or media.

Collectives, collaborations, couples—artistic practice can be a team effort. The worlds of dance, theater, music, and film offer a paradigm of collaborative production with many players in different roles. Established artist studios employ teams of assistants, while young artists band together as collectives and reject hierarchy.

Themes that may come up in collaboration span utopianism, individualism, shared identities, new modes of creation, social structures, and more. In this issue, we will explore the benefits and pitfalls of working together toward common goals.

Who should apply

SWC invites artist collectives, artist couples, performing arts companies, artists involved with interdisciplinary teams, artists with collaborative projects, artists who collaborate with other artists, artists who collaborate with communities, environment, or material to submit work in any media or discipline related to the theme “Collectivity + Collaboration.”

Artists are encouraged to think broadly about the concepts of collaborative and collective modes of work.


Artists (18+), collectives, and organizations residing and working in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Northern Mexico, Texas, or Utah.

Juror: Darren Jones

This call will be juried by Darren Jones, an art critic, editor, and educator.

Jones is a Scottish-American art critic based in Fire Island Pines, New York and Key West, Florida. He is the U.S. editor-at-large for New Art Examiner and a frequent contributor to Artforum. He is the recipient of a Creative Capital/Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. Darren teaches Curatorial Studies at the Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore.

Prize Summary: 
Feature in print and online publication
Prizes Details: 

Twelve artists will be selected. Three selected artists will receive a profile article written by an SWC contributor accompanied by multiple images. Nine artists will receive a two-page spread including two to three images and up to 300 words of text. All selected artists will receive a feature on SWC’s newsletter and social media channels and a complimentary print copy.


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Cross-Cultural Collaboration German Namibia



Art is dynamic. Art heals, connects, and evolves.

Art gives humans a sense of community and belonging. These are some of the values that we share here at We believe in decentralisation and diversity! We are explorers of the digital environment and its enormous possibilities. Just like us, artistic collaborations redefine the art world, they go against individualism and the glorification of the lonely artist. At we believe in community; we want to start conversations and promote dialogues. This is why we created this project, Cross-Cultural Collaboration (CCC).

For each open call, we invite one European artist and one African artist, specifically from countries with a shared colonial past, to collaborate artistically. The choice of pairing countries with a colonial history aims to ignite meaningful conversations. It also provides a common ground for the artists to start their projects. Both countries (and thus selected artists) will often share the same language, contributing not only as an aid for connection but also as a tool for creation.  

On our second open call, we are looking for one German artist and one Namibian Artist. The artists are chosen individually. During the month of January, they will get to know each other through online meetings and activities mediated by a third party, and, eventually, start creating an artistic project. The outcome of this collaboration could be an online exhibition, a presentation, or whatever the collaboration takes the artwork to. 

We intend to support artists and create connections and learning opportunities in our shared, safe environment. We will achieve this by preserving and empowering the voice of both artists’ perspectives while engaging in global and intersectional discourses. This might seem like a challenge, but only with pressure can diamonds be created. will mediate and help the artists work through the issues and conflicts that might come from virtual and geographically distant interactions. By connecting artists from these two continents, we are sparking interesting conversations and paving the way for a more unified future. 



Citizen and resident of Germany or Namibia

No age limit!

Applicants are asked to join the and set up a meaningful profile to be considered.

Visual artists, new media artists, multidisciplinary artists, curators, etc

Each participant receives a stipend of €600 (€300 + €300 KONJ coins worth )

Each participant is expected to be prepared to dedicate time each day for research and creation. The participants must be in close contact to think and create a project around the artistic aspects and concepts that tied their work.

There will be meetings with guest faculties, mentoring sessions, daily check in’s and activities

The participants are asked to submit materials weekly, documenting works in progress for our various social media channels.

Each participant will be featured in an artist interview feature on the

Any kind of hate speech and discriminatory content will not be tolerated.

Access to a computer and internet 


Applications should include the following:

Why do you want to participate in this collaboration, what are your intentions, and proposals on how you would like to participate in a collaboration (max. 4000 characters)

Examples of your work with appropriate captions (title, place, material, dimensions as appropriate). These can be images or links to online sources. (max. 10 MB)

Biography (max. 1000 characters)

Profile photo (max. 5 MB)

Contact information (name, email, phone, website and home address).


The deadline for applications is December 12th, 2021. Selected artists will be announced and contacted via email by December 18th, 2021.

The selection committee is composed of the team.


Fill up the application here OR send all the information to

Contact & Links: 

Open Call for Curator



Invitation to submit new ideas from art curators, art historians, word magicians for a group art exhibition to take place in London from August 31st to September 4th, 2021.

We are manifesting someone who is keen to collaborate, create an exciting community of creatives together through this curatorial process. In this second edition, we aim to continue exploring pressing topics, rethinking social and political realities and create a dialogue between creatives in our show. This will be a great opportunity for an emerging or established UK-based art curator, historian or theoretician to realise their project in the centre of London and broaden their network.

Key Info

Application deadline: 19th July 2021

Show dates:

·         Installation on 30th August 2021

·         Show from 31st August to 4th September 2021

·         Deinstallation on 5th September 2021

Theme: to be birthed together during the process

Where: Craft Central, The Forge, 397-411 Westferry Rd, Island Gardens, London E14 3AE

Why: Give a platform for an emerging curator and selected artists

Responsibilities: The curator will be responsible for the texts and communication

Who we are: London-based contemporary artists; Melissa Vipritskaya Topal & Anna Kolosova

To submit your application, please use the following link:

For any inquiries, please email Anna via


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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