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EXPERIMENT A - Open call for scientists & choreographers

EXPERIMENT A – Artistic Residency

Open call for scientists & choreographers

September - November 2022

Flux Laboratory Athens launches a new residency program aimed at choreographers and scientists-researchers with an interest in exploring the creative collaboration between artistic practice & scientific research. The theme is open and the primary aim is to synthesize a distinctive blend of research interests and people that leaves room for exchange, dialogue, inspiration and co-creation developing on the fringes of the respective disciplines.

CAMPBIENT: The 44 Hour Sound Art Residency

CAMPBIENT: The 44 Hour Sound Art Residency

September 9-11, 2022 

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park, Ravensdale, WA

Application Deadline: July 1, 2022

Selection Announcement: July 15, 2022


Campbient (ambient camping) is an annual weekend-long sound art residency that brings together 22 participants for 44 hours to conceptualize, produce, and record two sound art compositions on-site at a state park in Washington State. The residency includes sound-related workshops and creative activities and a start-to-finish audio production process with the results pressed in a limited run of vinyl LPs and distributed digitally. The residency is completely off the electrical grid, and all audio production and other activities are battery-powered. 

Audiovisual Collaboration: Building & Performing (phase 1) with Tarik Barri, Dejha Ti And Konx Om Pax

This is the first in a two-week series exploring the space and connections between audio and visual art - the second workshop is here. Both workshops stand alone, they are complete events within themselves, and can be taken separately. However, for maximum depth of experience we recommend signing up to both and staying two weeks. What's more, if you sign up to both, you get a 50% discount on the second one and free accommodation in between the two sessions! Just book workshop 1, and drop us a line for your discount code.

POOLstudio Project

POOLstudio collaborative project_ residence + exhibition

1 feb.  / 11 apr.   ———  10 weeks 

I am looking for artists to develop a relational residence with me (POOLstudio) between February  and April 11 (2021) and to exhibit the work produced at the gallery of the local Foundation at Easter Holiday (during 1 week).

The public presentation will represent the outcome of this period, the interaction between the artists and the relation with the environment.

Artists of all backgrounds and fields are invited to apply, considering an interest in:

relational aesthetics, collaborative projects, investigate the local environment (social and natural landscape), nature, philosophy / science / budhism, eudaimonics, questioning the status quo.

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