Collage and Assemblage

Wizards of Age

The theme of Wizards of Age focuses on the mediums of collage, assemblage, montage, and decoupage. The goal of the exhibit is to examine how different artists select a wide variety of media and materials and recompose them into an eclectic collection of real, abstract, and expressionist art.

 Founded in 2004, the WAE (Wellness, Arts, Enrichment) Center is a holistic, creative learning program for adults with developmental disabilities. Dedicated to 'Finding the Spark Within', WAE's focus is on personal growth, guiding each member in building building a greater capacity to live a full life.

Call to Artists: Politics in Collage Residency

A four-week, virtual/online residency with Kolaj Institute in September/October 2021

Deadline to apply: September 11, 2021

Collage as a political art form has not only a particular relevance to today but a strong historical context. From its roots in the European anti-facism and Russian pro-communism movements during WWII to its expressions during the U.S. Civil Rights era to its current manifestations in the fight for social justice in South America, collage has been used by artists globally as an impetus for social and political change.

Digital Art, Assemblage or Collage

Online + Gallery Exhibition
Submission Deadline: October 24, 2021
Exhibition: November 6 - 27, 2021
Artist Notification: October 30, 2021
Artist Commission: 65%
Entry: $35 for up to 3 images

If you are an artist working in Digital Art, Assemblage or Collage, Las Laguna Art Gallery wants to see your work.

Note: All artists who submit to this show will be accepted and have at least  one of their submitted works posted and promoted on our website and to our client list.


Merged II: d'Art's Second National Exhibition of Collage and Assemblage

Description: : Merged is an exhibition of original unique 2D and 3D collage and assemblage artworks that includes mediums specifically but not limited to found objects, recycled materials, paper, fiber, wood, and metals. Collages and assemblages must be free standing, wall mount, or pedestal ready. Work may be no longer than 60” in its longest dimension, and weigh no more than 50 pounds. D’Art Center will have an in person public reception according to state COVID Guidelines, will do a FB Live of the reception awards, will upload the award video to YouTube, and will also list the exhibiting pieces for sale on the d’Art Center website. If you have a question about if your work qualifies, please email

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