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Dreams & Nightmares | Call For Artists!

Could dreams and nightmares be the potent driving force behind our creative processes, the mysterious catalysts igniting the flame of artistic inspiration?


A significant number of artists affirm this belief wholeheartedly. 


Some find their deepest inspirations enveloped in the essence of dreams, immersing themselves in a blissful trance of creation. This state transcends mere aspiration, becoming a surreal canvas where possibilities bloom endlessly, a place where the mind wanders, seeking the sublime, the ethereal, fostering an insatiable quest to reach heights previously unimagined, somehow, somewhere.


Digital Natures: Call for Artists

“Digital Natures: Unveiling the Evolution”

We're thrilled to invite digital artists to SKT Spaces in Hoxton (London) for our upcoming exhibition in September.

We aim to explore the intriguing question of “How nature evolves within a digital context?

We want to explore the intersection of the natural world and the digital realm through captivating and thought-provoking artworks. Our connection with nature has taken on new dimensions in this digital age. The digital landscape has profoundly influenced how we interact with and perceive the natural world. We're calling on artists to reflect on this evolving relationship and express their perspectives through their digital creations.

What Is Art | 6th Edition | Call For Artists

What is art in the 21st century? 


The discourse on the nature of art in the 21st century has never been more intriguing. While some creators remain firmly rooted in the traditions of their craft, others boldly venture into uncharted territories, invoking a constant debate around the central question - What Is Art? What makes it valuable? 


In the modern art world, it's evident that success doesn't adhere to a single style or approach. The diverse paths taken by some of the world's most renowned and affluent artists underscore the idea that every unique style of art can become valuable.



ENCLAVE LAND ART is a project co-produced by Consorci de Museus de la Comunitat Valenciana through a program of residencies Cultura Resident, with the support of the Quesa council (Valencia, Spain) are glad to announce the open call for the Fifth Edition of the Enclave Land Art Residency. 

Submissions should focus on the dialogue between human beings and nature so as to create an artistic Land Art itinerary in the area.

We will select seven projects from different artistic disciplines that will be developed and produced in the natural environment during the two weeks of the Art Residency, sharing experiences, ideas and a common goal.

"ALTERNATIVE SCREENS" - International Videoart Festival CUVO 2024

The International Videoart Festival CUVO launches new open call for the next edition of the festival called "Alternative Screens" intended for video artists all around the globe. This year we want to focus on the idea of alternative as it was analyzed by cultural theorist Mark Fisher.

We'll select eight of the most innovative videoart pieces that will shape the travelling exhibition of the festival in Spain along 2024.

The deadline is September 30th of 2023, there are no fees and the maximum length allowed is around 5 minutes.

The New Artist | 5th Edition | Call For Artists

Join The New Artist 5th Edition - Reflecting Our Changing World. 


In the past century, humanity has leapt from the moon landing to the rise of social media, from the defense of human rights to the birth of new art forms. We're living in an era of accelerated change that requires us to transcend, adapt, and redefine. 


You, as artists, are our eyes in the storm, our pioneers and truth-seekers. You turn challenges into inspiration, question the status quo, and manifest the soul of our era.


Our upcoming exhibition offers you a stage to reflect the pulse of our rapidly changing world. The goal is to understand current trends in contemporary art and foster a dynamic conversation between you, the artists, and your audience.



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