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kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023 Open Call

Submit your project to the kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2023.

Open Call Details
Short Series
• A short film is a dance-related film 3:00 minute or less.
• Films deliver a clear story/idea that maximizes imagination and creativity in 3:00 minutes or less.
• Films are made to view on devices.
• The kNOwBOX dance Short Series (NBSS) Selected short films will be screened on @knowboxdance social media accounts for a limited time in early August 2023 and on special devices as part of the NBFF 2023 Festival lineup.
• Complimentary submission waiver available to artists under the age under 18.

Dance on Film Festival. Deadline September 28.

We seek short dance-films that not only show excellence in this genre, but also have connections to site-specificity, architecture, and/or sculpture as well. For 2022, we are particularly interested in screen-dance exploring environment, climate change (and all that entails), earth, clay, mud, soil, ceramics, fragility, histories, etc. We are interested in how site-specific films can be connected through those themes with two exhibits at Grounds For Sculpture: Fragile: Earth by The Color Network, which frames artists’ reflections on social, environmental, and individual perceptions of fragility through the unique materiality of clay and ceramics and The Village Potter by Roberto Lugo.

Call for entries! Motion State Dance Film Series

Motion State Dance Films Series, is the only year-long, traveling short dance film festival in New England devoted to showcasing the diversity of contemporary creative voices exploring the medium of choreography for the camera.

By taking the festival "on the road" and into non-traditional film venues, such as art galleries, music halls, performing arts theatres, and university classrooms, Motion State seeks to expose the films and film makers to new audiences.

Motion State Arts is a non-profit organization based in Providence, RI. MSA produces the Motion State Dance Film Series, Playing Favorites, Motion State Dance Festival, and Small Moves, Big Picture.

kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2022 Open Call

In its 4th year as an independent film festival, the mission for the NBFF is to curate dance films that explore an innovative approach to collaboration, mixed media, and interdisciplinary filmmaking. These films are selected based on challenging the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. The NBFF values experimental, multicultural, multigenre, and technological dance films. All films selected for the NBFF 2022 Official Selection will receive a monetary honorarium. 

Production Assistant: The Shut In Dance Film Fest

Digital Festival Production Assistant - Shut In Dance Film Fest


The Shut In Dance Film Fest, which supports remote collaboration and skill building for dance artists and the artists who work with them, is seeking a production assistant to help with the promotion, growth, and management of the festival, as well as other miscellaneous duties.  

This is a volunteer position for a start-up initiative with growth potential for the right individual. 




The assistant can be based in the Los Angeles area, where the Festival Director is based, or can live outside of the area- being remote works just as well.


kNOwBOX dance Short Series (NBSS)

No matter what factors are out in the world we can always make, share, and connect using the digital space. This is NOT the only way to enjoy dance but this is a way to bring people together. kNOwBOX dance Short Series (NBSS) is a digital dance ‘short series’ that will premiere on NB social media accounts to promote artmaking and artist connection via the digital space.

kNOwBOX dance seeks to curate a festival of 30 to 60 second dance shorts that challenge the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. For our first year we wanted to create a theme that could connect with people world wide. This year's theme is CONNECTION.


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