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Production Assistant: The Shut In Dance Film Fest




Digital Festival Production Assistant - Shut In Dance Film Fest


The Shut In Dance Film Fest, which supports remote collaboration and skill building for dance artists and the artists who work with them, is seeking a production assistant to help with the promotion, growth, and management of the festival, as well as other miscellaneous duties.  

This is a volunteer position for a start-up initiative with growth potential for the right individual. 




The assistant can be based in the Los Angeles area, where the Festival Director is based, or can live outside of the area- being remote works just as well.



Seeking individuals with experience in branding and creating platforms for the virtual space and a knowledge of the dance and/or film industries.

Desired skills include:

- Basic graphic design

- Basic video and sound editing

- Basic website design

- Search Engine Optimization

- Strategic planning for the virtual space

- Workflow design and implementation for successful completion of tasks and goals



Festival Management/Promotion:

- Recruiting and reaching out to prospective Creative Directors

- Update website with new video tutorials as received.

- Update website with new Creative Directors/Directives for each new cycle of the festival.

- Create and/or maintain submission posts on list serves such as : ArtsJobs, DancingOpportunities, DanceResourceCenter, DanceNYC, DancersGroup

- Create and/or maintain relationships with publications such as : Backstage, BroadwayWorld, DancePlug, LADanceChronicle, DanceMagazine

- Support and maintain partnerships with: Dance Camera West, Dare2Dance In Public, Ballet Boyz

- As well as research/seek additional partnerships and sharing opportunities.

Festival Growth:

Successful implementation of the below could result in promotion to paid Producer position.

- Secure Fiscal Sponsorship

- Work with publicist to secure sponsorship

- Research other avenues for non-profit funding

- Develop a line-item budget and projected sustainability plan

As the scale of project increases, Production Assistant will absorb additional responsibilities and/or assist to expand production team through recruitment/job postings.



A minimum of 3 - 5 hours per week with a preferred 3-month minimum commitment.  Please note this is currently a volunteer position, however, successful implementation of Festival Growth (listed above) could result in promotion to a paid Producer position. 


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

kNOwBOX dance Short Series (NBSS)





No matter what factors are out in the world we can always make, share, and connect using the digital space. This is NOT the only way to enjoy dance but this is a way to bring people together. kNOwBOX dance Short Series (NBSS) is a digital dance ‘short series’ that will premiere on NB social media accounts to promote artmaking and artist connection via the digital space.

kNOwBOX dance seeks to curate a festival of 30 to 60 second dance shorts that challenge the possibilities of what dance can look like in video form. For our first year we wanted to create a theme that could connect with people world wide. This year's theme is CONNECTION.

This short series seeks exciting dance films that explore;
1. Innovative approach to framing dance in a 1x1 square frame (optional)
2. Challenge possibilities of what dance can look like in video form within 30 to 60 seconds
3. Create a relationship between sight, sound, and movement to connect us on a deeper level

Prize summary: 
Social Media & Website Feature. International Film Festival Screening. Podcast interview.
Prizes Details: 

Social Media & Website Feature - promoting filmmaker including social media and website links
say NO to the BOX popsocket
#NBSS Visionary - screened at kNOwBOX dance Film Festival 2020 and NBFF 2020 On Tour
#NBSS Visionary - guaranteed interview on our Dance Behind the Screen Podcast


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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The Shut In Dance Film Fest




The Shut In Dance Film Fest is a digital festival for artistic growth and creative collaboration in times of separation.

​Directed by Nicole Berger (choreographer for The Good Place, VEEP, Brooklyn Nine Nine), Shut In Dance Film Fest has curated a roster of master artists to offer educational resources as well as creative inspiration.

​Our educational resources are FREE video tutorials providing tips and tricks for creating cinema quality dance films from home and on a budget.

​For inspiration, our team of Creative Directors have each provided a directive to spark your creativity.  

To contribute to the festival, film a short video based on these directives (that follows our guidelines for submission) and submit to be considered for our final projects.  

The final projects will be designed by our Creative Directors, based on selected submissions, and edited together by our team, resulting in original dance films, made in collaboration, while apart.


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

ADF's Movies by Movers Film Festival 2020 Submissions




Female dancer in yellow dress falls onto couch covered in newspaper.

Prizes Details: 

Accepted films are screened at the American Dance Festival. Attendees to the festival receive tickets to a show, opportunities to take classes and network with other dance film artists.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
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