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Mortem: Death research for artists





Mortem is a residency for artists interested in death to explore the concept from many points of view and to meet the people who work with death regularly. The residency will facilitate daily excursions led by deathcare workers, historians, artists, curators and biologists.

Artist talk: We invite you to give a private artist talk to share your work with the group.
Momentum Moris:  Vanitas in art history, a guided tour of the collection at the National Gallery of Canada
Paliative care: Talk with a death doula.
Home funerals and vigilling.
Green burials and coffin building
History of death rituals and body disposition practices
Guided tour of the Beechwood Cemetery
Burial: Visit a funeral home to learn about standard burial processes and crematorium
Anatomy: Visit a University anatomy lab to find out what happens to bodies donated to science
Collect recently deceased birds with FLAP
Tour of the National Museum of Nature’s large skeleton collection in the archives
Haunting: Seminar lead by paranormal investigator.


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