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This residency is about  combining hands-on Super 8 and 16mm filmmaking instruction with geographical and historical workshops, curated screenings and public programming, Film for Artists – Site + Cycle is a residency program that endeavors filmmaking practices that engage with the materiality of filmmaking as it intersects with issues of land use and site specificity.

Site + Cycle project at Anima Casa Rural is an iteration of our on-going project, which teaches hand-processing and decay techniques on Super 8 film in conjunction with teachings about the landscape, history, and cultural memory of Jalisco. 

We strive to ground our residency with a focus on site-specificity and land issues. We believe that capturing or creating photochemical images cannot be separated from the spaces and places in which this image-making takes place. Through our pedagogical frameworks and programming, Site + Cycle aims to combine filmmaking with a geolocational awareness of history, memory, and the potential for decolonization.


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