OPEN CALL: The Purposeful Mayonnaise Issue 2

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The Purposeful Mayonnaise is a 2-in-1 literary & art platform-journal aiming to showcase writers and artists around the world.

Submissions for Issue 2 (online journal): 

We are looking for poetry, short stories, essays, visual art.

Theme: For this issue, we would like to go loosely in the direction of TENDER / DELICATE. We leave this completely open to your interpretation. Submissions are free and open to artists and writers internationally.  

Deadline: July 25, 2021.

We will reply to all submissions during the second week of August 2021.  Issue 2 is scheduled for August 15.


Submissions are also open for our casual hanging out spot, The Bagel Hole.

The Bagel Hole is where we publish weekly features, artist interviews, poems, short prose.

We're looking for poetry, short stories, ramblings, essays, visual art, visual essays, personal stories. 

We're also looking to showcase writers and artists in short interviews.

Deadline for the weekly feature submissions: ongoing.  The Bagel Hole turnaround time is ~one week. 


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