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Becontree Estate August Residency





Sunday 8th August - Monday 30th August 2021

Application deadline: 

Wednesday 28th July 6pm 

3 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, living room, generous garden


Hypha Studios & Becontree Forever are looking for a creative practitioner to live in & make use of this house to develop their practice, explore new ideas or create a new project. The space is provided for free* along with an artist fee & small grant towards your public event or community engagement.


You are welcome to bring family members with you on your residency & to treat the house as your home for the duration. You may wish to use one of the bedrooms as a studio, or create work within and around the whole building. *we provide the space for free but you have to put down a deposit which you get back when you leave the property on time and in good condition We welcome your inventiveness in your use of the space & how it can support you develop your practice.


Perhaps you want to make a part studio / part gallery, or develop a horticulture-related project in the garden, maybe you want to turn a room into a collaborative workshop, or develop a theatrical performance. You may want to make work about the entire estate, or just a tiny physical detail of the house’s fabric.


All we ask is that you consider the following:

A site-responsive proposal though we encourage a broad interpretation of what “site” is to you & could include the architecture, social history, garden, archive or more

Community involvement which can be from any local community you identify & can be involved in your research, development, or public event

Your public event proposal as a critical element of your application, please give creative consideration  to this, who it will be for, & how it weaves with your creative practice


The Becontree Estate, in the borough of Barking & Dagenham, was the largest public housing estate in the world when it was constructed between 1921 & 1935. In total, it is over 26,000 homes to a ‘garden city’ model. Your work on this residency could consider the radical roots of the estate, seek to be part of the dialogue with existing communities, or help inform its future story.



Becontree Forever is a year-long program of art, architecture & new infrastructure to mark 100 years of the Becontree Estate. It is led by the London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, in collaboration with residents and local partners such as the schools on the estate, Arc Theatre, Barking & Dagenham Youth Dance, East End Women’s Museum, Girls Like Us, Green Shoes Arts, Love Music Hate Racism, Studio 3 Arts, Soul and Sound & The White House, with national partners such as Create London, EFG London Jazz Festival, Focal Point Gallery, Serpentine Galleries & the Wellcome Trust.


We are committed to communities and culture.

The council have allocated this house as a space for the integration of culture into the estate for the duration of the Becontree Forever centenary celebrations, to further understanding of the architecture and histories of the estate, and as a central space for local communities to participate in culture. It has been used by other artists, and after the completion of these Hypha Studios residencies the house will be refurbished and returned to the local housing stock in Autumn 2021.

Public engagement is critical to the mission of this project and we ask you to deeply consider how you will involve local residents, schools or other groups within the creation of your work or in the public events. Support will be available to help you connect to local communities as your idea requires in order to best celebrate the estate’s history and community’s future through culture.

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Online + print magazine, art blog, artist registry



Magazine, Blog, Artist Registry

​We are looking for colorful, cheerful, empowering visual art (painting, mixed media, sculpture, digital, photography ...). Unfortunately, we cannot accept video. With this magazine we want to give artists from all over the world the possibility to show and promote their art and for people to get to know you and your story. Everyone is welcome: self-taught, beginners, emerging, mid-career, establised, young, old.

The magazine feature serves to introduce you to the readers and focusses on your artworks. The blog seves to get to know you better and to give an honest account of your art journey, setbacks, success and experiences. ALL submissions will be considered for our permanet artist registry. 

Prize summary: 
online and print magazine feature, blog feature, inclusion in artist registry, promotion on social media

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
20 €
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jumpthegap® Roca International Design Competition





jumpthegap®, Roca’s international design competition, has always had a forward-looking approach, seeking to promote the creativity and talent of students and professionals to devise creative, innovative and radical products through a multidisciplinary and intercultural vision.

However, the concept of the future has now changed. We are currently facing different challenges as individuals and as a society. Some of them are unexpected, such as those caused by the pandemic. Others are of growing and vital importance, such as preserving the planet we live on, supporting its diversity, or fighting poverty and hunger…

jumpthegap® has also evolved to adapt and promote actions and proposals that respond more directly to these challenges, searching for ideas and solutions for today, with a truly social, inclusive and sustainable approach. Not only because climate change and the global pandemic will transversely affect the entire planet, but because there are other major challenges that society will have to face in the next few years, which are contained in the 2030 agenda proposed by the United Nations.

jumpthegap® is committed to supporting new generations of designers and architects, and offers them an international platform to develop and showcase their talent. Now, more than ever, we believe that this talent can show real, innovative solutions to share with society and allow us to build a better future.

umpthegap®aims to be one of the major agents proposing solutions to the challenges included in the 2030 agenda, thanks to the participation of professionals from the architecture and design sectors in the competition.

For this reason, the 2021 edition will not end with the awards ceremony, but will continue during 2022 with panel discussions and analyses, as its ideas and solutions provide inspiration for some of the challenges facing our planet and our society.

The bathroom, in the broadest sense, becomes the centralizing space for different human uses and needs, both physical and emotional, which define us and position us in the world.

In this sense, we ask participants to design a product or service that:

responds to any of the topics listed in the categories below, providing enough added value when compared with existing solutions

relies on currently available materials and technologies

is aligned with one or more Sustainable Development Goals included in the 2030 agenda

Prize summary: 
17000 euros
Prizes Details: 

There are 4 prizes of 2.000€ for the winner of each category.

There are 8 prizes of 500€ for the 1st and 2nd runner up of each category.

There is 1 prize of 5.000€ for the best of the best project, selected from the winners of each of the 4 categories


Entry Fee:

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Folklore and Traditions





Call for Exhibition - Accepted media: Photography, Digital Visual Design, Video

Group Exhibition in Rome or Milan city, Italy. October 2021

FREE ENTRY Photographers, Visual Designers and Video artists are invited to submit 1 to 3 works addressing the theme.

Pictures cannot be considered to be merely documents. They are also able to capture, preserve, interpret and reinvent occurrences, situations, places that are progressively disappearing or - on the contrary - still surviving, like folklore and traditions. This call aims to collect photographs that are capable of catching the essence, the traditional part of our society - e.g. agricultural objects that are not in use anymore, practices or celebrations, folkloristic costumes, ethnic museums and collections. In other words, everything reminding us of our roots, of the most genuine side of the society we live in.

Deadline 7 July 2021

Contact & Links: 

anonymity in design



Empowerment, resistance, rebellion, protection, mystery, invisibility, negligence, discrimination - the concept of anonymity touches a wide spectrum of subjectivities that profoundly affects the perception of our own and others’ identities.

Sometimes a conscious choice, other times a forced imposition, the state of being anonymous directly reflects the political and social forces within any paradigm, thus making it intrinsically related to the field of design and its subsequent impact.

As we explore the forces that shape and motivate the connections between design and identity, anonymity represents a way to read and write the future of individual and collective action in design.

The first issue of projektado magazine: anonymity in design, aims to investigate, question and open new perspectives on authorship, ownership and belongingness, aiming to further responsibilise and enrich the dialogue, influence and output of this profession.


We are looking for contributions that respond to the theme of anonymity in design, from both within and around the field of design.

We are open to consider any approach that may be used to respond to this brief, as we encourage contributors to be creative and experimental in their submissions.

We accept written articles, visuals (including illustrations, videos, animations, photography, collage), audios, interactive pieces, games and any other media that can be published online.

The common language of projektado is English, but we welcome accompanying multilingual contributions.

Our editorial process is based on the understanding of each piece as a dynamic and iterative conversation with our contributors. For this reason we adjust our approach based on individual submissions, and remain available and interested throughout the process to maintain an open dialogue with each contributor.


Entry Fee:

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Make your Own




Disciplines: All
Location: All
Other: Inclusive of disciplines outside visual art as well


Application Fee: None
Participation Fee: None
Additional Fees: None

Looking for visual artists, designers, illustrators from all over the world to take part in the project called 'Make your Own' as a part of the 'Is your guilty pleasure having unique bags?' by Coffewear.

Participating creatives will transform their drawings and design a work of art. The artwork should be inspired by coffee or something connected to upcycling, but the final piece can be abstract!

Artists have the option of making the bagdesigns, and drawings on a prepared technical drawing selection.
Find the link here: https: //

The artwork can be done by digital or manual tecniques as well.

The ready artworks and designs should be sent via a WeTransfer link to:

The winners can have their own design realised into a physical bag made by the Coffewear Design group.
There will be be one winner and we will contact him/ her via e-mail within 10 days after the 28th of March 2021.

Looking forward to hear from you!


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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