The Future is Now - Call for the Green Product Award 2024

For more than 10 years, the international Green Product Awards have been honouring products from companies and start-ups that stand out for their sustainability, design and impact. The annual theme of the Green Product Awards, The Future is now, is reflected in the key visual and in the accompanying special project: together with the German-Dutch architecture firm A01, the best participants of the Award 2024 will be integrated into a European version of the "No Footprint House" that won last year.

Renée Gailhoustet Residency

Apply to explore the work of pioneering architect and 2022 RA Architecture Prize Award Winner, Renée Gailhoustet over a six-week residency in Paris.

Renée Gailhoustet was awarded the 2022 RA Architecture Prize in recognition of her career creating transformative social housing in the suburbs of Paris. Her designs are radically flexible – she did not like doors and found ingenious ways of creating planted terraces even at the top of tower-blocks. Her buildings make the case for exciting, generous architecture for all, and many of her apartments remain social housing, providing cheap rents and big spaces.


Science Gallery Melbourne is inviting proposals for projects to be included in our 2024 show ‘Not Natural’. Through installations, performances, events and workshops, this exhibition will explore the friction between cultural perceptions of nature and the implications of creating synthetic forms of life. Advances in synthetic biology have opened a plethora of possibility and a pandoras box of ethical dilemmas. We’ve stepped into a new era, where the tools of genetic engineering and biotechnology allow us to gene-edit, splice and de-extinct almost anything biological. We get to design new life-forms and modify existing ones. But are we redesigning evolution or is evolution re-designing us? And just because we can, should we?


OPEN CALL FOR art, fashion and design creatives


15-19 DECEMBER ’22



HAZE BAZAAR is a NEW contemporary art, fashion and design festival and platform, that presents small businesses and individuals that sell products and limited edition pieces. The 2022 Winter Edition will provide a platform for purchasing directly from a creator focusing on personal communication and visual and tactical exchange.  The art fair features paintings, sculptures, photography art, clothing, design objects, books, vintage, jewelry etc.


Biodesign Sprint 2022

Mars Wrigley and Biodesign Challenge are partnering on a month-long design exploration that asks for new ways to foster the physical, emotional, and social wellbeing of people with food systems that also support the health of the environment. 

Students, professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts from across the globe are invited to envision and create food and agricultural products and processes that help create a future where everyone can thrive. Participants have the chance to collaborate with Mars and sustain ongoing mentorship from leaders within Mars.

International Design Contest "MUSIC WITH ART"

AMADEUS Festival Vienna announces the first International Design Competition 2023 with the aim of giving visibility and promoting new emerging artistic talents in visual arts and graphic design. This initiative, framed within the communication strategy of the Festival itself, aims to become a platform to recognize and reward the works of artists who, interested in the world of classical music, help us project and spread the image of the Festival internationally.


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