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BUBBLEGUM X is an initiative by Bubblegum Club and The Bubblegum Foundation aimed at advancing Africa’s ever growing cultural influence in global creative scenes.

This, as a means of leveraging and transforming this expanding cultural and artistic influence into developing sustainable creative industries on the African continent, and fostering creative businesses that operate beyond our continental borders.

Each year the Bubblegum Foundation will use its resources to realise initiatives that support and develop creatives across Africa. The first of these being an annual International exchange programme for creatives from the continent.

Ageing from Existence

projektado collective is opening for video contributions to its latest project ‘Ageing from existence’. Open to everyone, professional or amateur, and driven by an experimental and collaborative approach to audiovisual communication, this project is an opportunity to delve into a shared and unpredictable process.

All video submissions will be used in the final piece, as long as they don’t infringe any of our platform’s guidelines* and relate to the topic explored in this open call.

Open Call for Visual Arts

Submissions are open for our Spring Issue 4

- we want your authentic art and story

- all mediums except video are welcome

- everyone is welcome to apply

- we are trying to include everyone who is submitting

- online + print magazine

- artist blog & artist registry

- all guidelines:

- Deadline: March 15

- 20 € (print + online + social media promotion)

. 25 € (print + online + blog feature + social media promotion

About the Magazine:

With this magazine we want to give artists from all over the world the possibility to show their art and for people to get to know you and your story. Everyone is welcome: self-taught, beginners, emerging, mid-career, establised, young, old.

OPEN CALL: Remote digital residency - ENTER

This past year saw a surfeit of digital interactions, spaces, and communication in our online worlds. Poor internet connections, unfriendly interfaces and privacy concerns are among the issues we face as users of online platforms. This open call seeks to question how an alternative digital space could look and feel.

In line with these issues, Enter asks you:

How would you redesign the tools, visual design and interactions of Enter, in order to create and alter intimate, human-focused online interaction in the platform?

We call upon all thinkers and creators with experience in digital culture to apply!

Click here to find more about ENTER: 

AlUla Design Award

A New Legacy of Design,

Inspired by AlUla

The AlUla Design Award (ADA) recognises exceptional design inspired by the heritage, landscapes, and artistic legacies of AlUla.

The first edition of the AlUla Design Award is an Open Call that invites established and emerging designers to conceptualize and propose exceptional items for two tracks: Premium Retail and VIP Gifting. Submissions will be evaluated by a Jury of recognised leaders from the world of design. Shortlisted design proposals will be commissioned, supported in their production and promoted within AlUla and its network of influential and high profile online and international activities.

Open Call for Artwork

We are looking for artwork to share on our social media profiles to help develop a community of amazingly talented artists. Get in touch and share with us your artwork for a chance to be featured. 


Always more art is a growing community of current and recent graduates as well as artists who are practicing in their own space. We are always on the look out for new and different art work from a range of mediums including but not limited to: Photography, Painting, sculpture, Textiles and much more. More details and information about Always More Art can be found on our website and Instagram. 


We look forward to seeing your work!


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