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Reconstructing Nature

Reconstructing Nature

We are thrilled to announce an open call for digital art submissions with the theme "Reconstructing Nature." This call aims to explore and showcase future concepts based on real-world organisms. Artists can present their unique perspectives and creativity on future natural creatures through digital art.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Theme: Your work must focus on "Reconstructing Nature." This can include concepts inspired by animals, plants, and other living beings, as well as other nature-inspired creations. Artists should start with real-world organisms and create artwork depicting their appearance, lifestyle, adaptation, and evolution in future environments.

Digital Canvas

Vernissage is excited to announce an open call for digital art submissions to be included on our platform - VERNISSAGE

We’re a curated platform for contemporary digital art based in Dubai focused on investment-quality artworks. We particularly value concept-driven, technologically novel, and bold artworks that explore the urgent issues of our time.

We are calling all digital artists, whether they are just starting out, in the middle of their careers, or well-established, for this OpenCall.

  • An international curator will oversee the curation of all artwork.
  • Vernissage welcomes all genres within digital art, and we’re especially interested in generative art. 


The title of the project refers to the Planet Earth, which is the only place we know in the universe where life has developed. We want to pay attention to the uniqueness of our planet and arouse in the recipients a sense of obligation to take care of its future. The goal of the „The One” project is to evoke a discussion on the current destruction of our planet caused by human activity. We want every artist and recipient to consider why in everyday life we often skip thinking about the future of the world, we forget about what is the most important. Shouldn’t caring for the planet be our common goal?

Drifting Vision - Call x Digital Artists

Dates: 18-20 July 2024  
Private View (PV): 18 July 6 PM - 8 PM  
Opening Days: 19 July 3 PM - 7 PM / 20 July 11 AM - 5 PM

"Drifting Vision" invites digital artists to explore themes inspired by the book *Wayward*. This open call celebrates the intricate dance between digital realms and narrative, urging artists to delve into themes of transformation, resilience, and the power of women's voices. In a world that often feels adrift, artists are encouraged to anchor their work in stories of strength, innovation, and the quest for meaning.

Thessaloniki International Digital Arts festival (THEDAF) THEDAF #1 “Thessaloniki: Affective Atmospheres (Part 1)”

The international Eye's Walk Digital Festival and the MOMus-Museum of Contemporary Art embark on a unique collaboration: The quite new Thessaloniki International Digital Arts Festival (THEDAF) is sought to expand the concept of heritage and become a meeting point for contemporary art with the public history of Thessaloniki today, through digital art, performance, circus art, and psychogeographical wandering.

We invite participants to share affective atmospheres and personal and collective experiences around the city, its connection with the rest of the world and ultimately its future.
Because the future for us is never merely idealistic or local but encompasses action and the possibility of coexistence with the world.

The Ideal Error will curate an exhibition and a panel evening during London Digital Art Week, which will take place from April 22 to 28, 2024. We will host a discussion at the Shoreditch Art Clubs in collaboration with World of Women, a women-led Web3 community and NFT collection. Artists are invited to submit their artwork created with to an Open Call The Idea Error.
The Ideal Error

We will showcase selected artworks submitted to this Open Call during the panel evening. The theme of the Open Call is The Ideal Error. We want to celebrate the errors and unexpected beauty produced by AI, challenging traditional notions of perfection and aesthetics. We invite you to show your appreciation for the unexpected in your art.


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