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WAC MUSEUMS Open Call for Cultural Institutions Eager to Learn about AI, Web3 and Immersive Technologies

Invitation to apply to “WAC Museums”, an educative program on web3, AI and immersive technologies for cultural institutions

If you are a museum of any size or background, a cultural center or association, a festival or an art residency, we would like to invite you and your team to apply to our web3 training program covering subjects such as artificial intelligence (AI), immersive technologies and blockchain-based innovation (NFTs, DAOs, etc.).

Call for art competition: International art competition. Community Art Channel Theme: Figurative Art

Call for art competition: International art competition. Community Art Channel

Theme: Figurative Art

The theme that we propose in this call for competition, is open to the expression of your creativity through the manifestation of Figurative Art.


Painting, drawing, graphic, digital art, photography.

Submission Deadline: 31/10/2023

Winners announcement: 07/11/2023

First prize: Solo virtual exhibition

Second prize: Solo virtual exhibition


Online Exhibition Artists who participate in our competitions will be promoted in online exhibitions on our YouTube channel and on our website, thus helping the promotion and visibility of each artist's work.

How to Apply:

The WAE Open 2023

The WAE Open - 2023
Heidi Gallery at JSDD is proud to announce the juried group exhibition, The WAE Open. Founded in 2004, the WAE (Wellness, Arts, Enrichment) Center is a holistic, creative learning program for adults with developmental disabilities. Dedicated to 'Finding the Spark Within', WAE's focus is on personal growth and creativity in guiding each member to build a greater capacity to live a full life.

Established in 2021 as a key component of the state-of-the-art facility of JSDD, the Heidi Gallery is focused on bringing people together to experience art and arts education while fostering a fully inclusive community.

OPEN CALL: European Media Art Platform (EMAP) Artist Residencies 2024

With the support of the European Union’s Creative Europe programme, the European Media Art Platform continues its residency program for artists, collectives or other artistic collaborations working in the fields of digital art, media art, and bio art.

European artists, or collectives can apply with a project proposal for a residency of two months within January to December 2024. Since collaboration is one of EMAP´s key values, the artists will be collaborating with an artist of their choice or an artist local to the host institution.

AI Battle Open Call

AVE22 MetaGallery is delighted to invite artists to take part in “AI Battle” open call.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is gradually becoming an integral part of our lives. Indeed, it is a source of fun to many people. Visionaries believe that AI will help us to work out eternal problems of the mankind. Others are sure that AI is a start of the way to nowhere, towards a digital apocalypse and global dystopia.

​We, as a gallery, would like to ponder on AI from the arts point of view. Will artists be replaced by AI? Will AI destroy the very notion of the arts?

Call for 2023 ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM Visiting Artists

The open call for the 2023 ICCI ART VALLEY PROGRAM of the USC-SJTU Institute of Cultural and Creative (ICCI) of Shanghai Jiao Tong University will focus on the international group of artists who create and practice art based on comprehensive media materials. In a technocracy, cultural integration, and the rapid development of cross-media practices, contemporary art has developed its tentacles to a broader dimension by relying on the new era context.


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