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CARME&DASTE Digital Art Prize






The call takes place because of the collaboration Daste and Carme during the Capital of Italian Culture 2023 and will select 3 artists hosted at Daste and 3 artists hosted at CARME, to exhibit their DIGITAL ART projects from the 3rd of March until the 2nd of April 2023.

The THEME of the call

The artists are asked to explore the theme of the “border and the trespassing of it” as a synonymous of the necessarily relationship and vital to open our minds and explore the potential of relationships.


The deadline of this call is 08/01/2023.
The call is open to artists of every age and at all stages of their careers. The jury will select the winner of the prize based only on their work. All artworks made with digital tools are eligible.


Prize Summary: 
6 artists win 3 prizes of 1.000€ and 3 prizes of 500€ plus an exhibition in Italy
Prizes Details: 

Three artists will exhibit their work at CARME and three artists will exhibit their work at DASTE. The jury will decide which work best suits both the places.

There will be also monetarily in total 6 prizes:

3 prizes of 1.000€ (before taxes)
3 prizes of 500€ (before taxes)

The exhibit will take place from 3rd March to 2nd April 2023 and will be part of BGBS Capital of the culture 2023.

Carme Associazione Culturale Brescia Via delle Battaglie, 61/1 - 25122 Brescia - Italy

Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
There is an application fee of 30€ to support the organisation’s costs
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Post-digital Landscapes





SMTH with the collaboration of the MMMAD festival and thanks to the sponsorship of Nhood, are launching the first international call for digital artists on the screens of Vialia Vigo. Under the theme 'Post-digital Landscapes' we are looking for works that reflect on territory, landscape, city and space in the post-digital era.

From all the works received, a jury of experts will select the best five, which will receive a prize of €1,500 each and will be exhibited at Vialia Vigo from 20 December 2021 to 20 February 2022.

Deadline: November 29th, 2021.

All the information and full terms and conditions can be found at 

Prize Summary: 
5 prizes of 1.500€ each

Entry Fee:

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Call for Submissions- Environmental & Ecological Practices

Artistic field:




Time To Waste is an online creative journal that aims to showcase the work of creatives who work in sustainable ways or whose practice draws attention to environmental & ecological issues.

We welcome applications from all multidisciplinary artists at all stages of their careers. We publish new issues seasonally, with submissions open year-round.

We welcome submissions that are experimental, innovative and/or discipline-blurring. We greatly encourage submissions from Indigenous and First Nations peoples, people of colour, people with disabilities, and people of all genders and sexualities.





Entry Fee:

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Digital Art Observatory Open Call

Artistic field:



V-Art & Electric Artefacts present Digital Art Observatory, a residency exploring collaboration across borders


The Ukraine-based V-Art and UK-based Electric Artefacts platforms are pleased to announce their cooperation to launch the Digital Art Observatory, a first-of-its-kind residency aimed to provide an example and roadmap for cross-border partnerships amongst cultural institutions. With the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and the British Council as a part of the Culture For Change program, the residency will welcome twelve artists across Ukraine and Britain during September and October of 2021.


Digital Observatory aims to be a trigger of self-reflection regarding how we utilize technology across a digital cultural and creative exchange in a time of ever-increasing migration towards virtual worlds. Focusing on tomorrow, the residency will be selecting well-established and up-and-coming new media talents to facilitate dialogue and expand opportunities for everyone involved.


The artists, selected through an open call, will be paired to participate in a series of mentorship sessions to develop a final project together. Both Ukrainian and British professionals will be leading the sessions, covering both theoretical and practical aspects of collaborations. The residency will also present a program of public talks to widen the understanding of the legal, technological, and curatorial best practices within digital art and collaborative projects.


For the final projects, both V-Art and Electric Artefacts will provide virtual exhibition platforms using digital technologies including Web, 3D, and AR. Following the residency, creative industries will gain access to the whitepaper, which will document key findings of the residency and serve as a guide for future cross-cultural cooperation in the digital art field.


Deadline for application: 15 August 2021, Residency program: 1 September - 15 October 2021,

Final exhibition: 18 October - 30 December 2021


V-Art Platform 

V-Art is a platform to exhibit, sell & collect digital art. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling ecosystem for the global digital art market. We reconcile cultural & commercial values for the digital art world by creating an actively growing community united by a love for digital art and creativity. Our mission is to provide a fulfilling ecosystem for the global digital art market. 


Electric Artefacts

London-based Electric Artefacts studio was founded in early 2020 with a mission to popularize digital art and provide a platform for experimentation, education and new expressions. Electric Artefacts works with both leading and emerging artists and is among the pioneering studios to introduce the adoption of the proof of stake blockchain. Electric Artefacts-led projects have been featured in Forbes, The Art Newspaper, Ocula, Cointelegraph and Artnet News among others.


All the information about the initiative -

Media inquiries – WhatsApp +7 903 22 5 22 10


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Fee Detail: 
No registration fee.
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online PILOTENKUECHE International Art Program #2





16th February - 26th March 2021

collaborate, engage, be inspired, share ideas and concepts

PILOTENKUECHE Online Residency Program gives artists the opportunity to engage online with a global community of artists. Selected artists from various disciplines are invited to participate in the task and discussion based program which includes sessions with experts on topics that expand artist experience. We want to create a space for experimentation with formats and strategies. The fact that artists are potentially on different continents will not impede the possibility of collaborating with each other.

exhibit in both worlds

Artists’ work will be shown to a wider community digitally and in analog.  Content produced will be shown at Galerie KUB, presented on our website, pktv and IGTV. In summer we will have a curated exhibition of 8-10 artists at Kunstkraftwerk, Leipzig digital art museum. Only artists who have participated in the online residency will be eligible to submit pieces for possible inclusion.

Each participant will also be interviewed and a well-written piece will be published on our website.

what we offer

-6 week online residency
-2 sessions per week
-9 hours with experts
-task and discussion
-published interview
-exhibition at Galerie KUB
-pktv, IGTV
-chance of being in curated summer show at KKW

what we expect from artists

-attend sessions
-time and space for reflection
-time to complete tasks
-participatory attitude
-stable internet
-access to video editing program
-willingness to experiment 
-open to show incomplete or drafts in sessions
-work from own space
-provide own materials



We provide all necessary documents for artists to apply for funding.



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Space Open Call. Digital Art Exhibition



V-Art platform for digital art announces #SpaceOpenCall and invite all international artists without any registration fee to participate with works/projects in the following techniques:

Static digital imagery (pictures, photos, sculptures);

Time-based media (videos, audios, movies, slides);

Interactive digital installations;

XR / VR / AR / MR art;

Game art;

Generative art;

Web art or net art.


The Digital era has transformed the very essence of the way we live, as well as our perception of materiality and space. Art as a reflection of the changes in society gave momentum to a new medium of expression - digital art. Now we are on the verge of a new, space era, where intangible and technological digital art is assonant with the development of humankind.

Ancestors watched the starry sky and created legends, which lived on up to the present. Now we are creating a new symbol of the art of the future - a digital art spaceship, that will bring art to new horizons. Its mission is to expand the realms of art and host the biggest digital art exhibition.

Our Art Spaceship is ready to launch , welcome onboard!


Deadline for applications - 10 December 2020

Questions about the application process -

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