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Automated is a digital art exhibition exploring the notion of Automation.

Defined as 'To operate machines or computers that reduce the workload traditionally taken by a human to produce.' Automation can be seen in effect on different levels, as anything made on a computer is defined as automated art, but different technologies, software or tools can vary the workload massively.

Our intention is to present a showreel of new media artists, focusing on digital rather than analogue, featuring artists that use data as their material.

This exhibition will display works of art from the latest mediums of technology, enveloping different digital cultures ranging from gif. art, glitch art, graphic art and generative art - to name a few.


We here at SIILK GALLERY are looking for photographers from all walks of life from around the world for our new 100sqm gallery space opening in March 2020.

After the success of our current Gallery space we are opening the permanent home for Siilk. The place is bigger, better, brighter and more bad ass.

Each exhibition will consist of a 4 week running program with an opening night and pop up events throughout the month at out gallery in the heart of Athens. Your works will also be featured in our online zine - & will do a feature / interview with you. Exhibitions have been featured in magazines here in Athens such as Athens Voice, Lifo, Ozon Magazine, 020 & Frapress.

cura submissions / digital interventions

cura intention is to establish a space for artists both living and working in the borough of Lewisham to exhibit artwork in a nontraditional art setting. Its purpose is to expand public engagement, reaching an audience that may not otherwise go to creative institutions. Found at Catford Mews cura is looking for wall based submissions of any medium and size, to be exhibited for a period of 6-7 weeks.  

Submission Requirements

cura submission requires a maximum of 5 images of completed works with both a Personal Statement (max 150 words) and Supporting Statement for each individual work (max 100 words). Images must be submitted by WeTransfer, with link to download attached to email submission (subject heading cura submission).    


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