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As Jung said, "Life does not come from events, but from us”. Human behavior is the endless stream of perceptions, feelings, and thoughts at both the conscious and unconscious levels, but what the eye cannot produce, the brain completes the external on an unconscious level. We create the meaning of the events around us. The meaning is and always was artificial. So, what is the reality?.

For this exhibition, Culturally Arts is seeking works that explore the inner world of the human mind based on the unconscious, about the journey to the inside of one’s unique perspective of what reality truly means through the eye of the beholder.


Culturally Arts Collective is a nonprofit organization for arts education, outreach, and exhibitions based in the US. We strive to promote a culture of artistic innovation upholding the academic integrity of the arts, uplifting contemporary expression, and challenging the status quo.

We are currently looking for national and international artists to submit works for the upcoming call: "Dream Living". Emerging and mid-career artists are invited to submit their work and be considered to join our strong artistic community, presently located in 76 countries, by exhibiting in our 360-degree 3-D gallery in the virtual Milostka Center for Exhibitions.

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Get your work published in a 360-degree 3-D virtual art exhibition in Culturally Arts Collectives Milostka Center for Exhibitions. Get your work published in the exhibition's catalog, have an artist interview published on our site, and have your work exhibited in our spring benefit gala. With an audience in 76 countries, get your work seen and join a global community of arts advocates and gain access to exclusive professional development opportunities, education and networking. 


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