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The mirror of Venus - Art Woman 2023




Primo Piano LivinGallery

has the pleasure of presenting the contemporary art exhibition


(The reflection of us and the world between truth and fiction)

curated by Dores Sacquegna

from 25 February to 8 March 2023

THE SHOW - Each of us is led to create their own reality, the external world we live in is a mirror in which the solid form of our image and at the same time our Shadow is reflected. We are called to learn to "see", to develop an internal oblique gaze aimed at understanding emotions, events, processes, connections, to stimulate the evolution of the reality of the world, created in our image and likeness.

We have a daily relationship with the mirror, a very intimate relationship, sometimes obsessive, sometimes detached. But this is not a story of mirrors in art. Rather, it is the story that the mirror would tell if only it knew how to speak, the images of what it sees reflected on its surface, the vanity and malice of the goddesses, the ecstasy of the fragile Narcissus, the confident gaze of the painter or photographer who portrays him. itself, the dilated and duplicated rooms in the places of the imagination.

The exhibition aims to focus its attention on the reflection of us and the world around us, between truth and fiction.  Artists who work with all mediums of expression are welcome. This is the 25th edition of art woman, also open to male artists.

VENUE - The exhibition is set up in the Renaissance venue of the Palmieri Foundation in Lecce, in the old city.


  • PRINTED CATALOG -  Full page works + caption + personal critical review by curator in Italian and English language + a maximum of n. 5 copies for each.
  • ADVERTISING  - Press release of the show with invitation flyer, pictures works to mailing of journalists, curators, art director, collectors, social network and more (over 250,000 contacts ) in Italy and abroad.
  • KIT PRESS & PICTURES REPORT - Zip Folder with magazine, newspaper, pictures of the show and more.
  • EQUIPMENT & FORNITURE -Pedestals, tables, panels, audio and video staff, totem and more.
  • SET UP/DISMANTELING - Qualified personnel for set-up and dismantling, including lighting staff.
  • SHIPPING SERVICE - Personnel in charge of incoming and outgoing shipments, including customs procedures.
  • SALES STAFF - Staff on site at the service of customers and artists.
  • AWARD & CERTIFICATES - Among the works exhibited, the curator will choose the most representative ones to receive the prize. Non-awarded artists will receive the Certificate of Recognition.
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Gold and Acknowledgment Certificate
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Premium, Gold and Silver + Acknowledgment Certificate

Renaissance venue of the Palmieri Foundation, Lecce (Italy)

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