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What it takes to be represented by an art gallery

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Multi – Award Winning Laura I. Art Gallery invites artists at all stages of their career to a free conversation about what artists need to know to get representation from an art gallery.

According to the Statista Research Department in the UK there are about 1,597 galleries and around 37 thousand visual artists which makes the competition very high. Most artists will go through decades of their career and never get a gallery representation.

Successful artists are not always the most talented of all other artists but they have the right eye to know what a great opportunity looks like. Join us and you will find out more about techniques you can use to know when an opportunity is well suited to you.

“We have a very different way when selecting artists but saying that there are common tips and rules that you need to know in order to guarantee you an exhibition and why not more”.

At the event you will find out why you should choose a gallery to represent you and what’s best for your career to be an entrepreneur or to let the gallery work for you.

Book a place at our event for an opportunity to ask your own questions.

Laura I. Art Gallery CIC was founded in Autumn of 2016 by Laura Iosifescu, in the heart of London’s vibrant East End. Now a Multi-Award Winning gallery, Laura I. has been a venue for exciting, ambitious, and innovative exhibitions. This continues to be the case now as we bring together artists, art professionals, and visitors to critically engage with sessions about artistic practice, the creative struggle, and the relevance of art in today’s society.

As a not-for-profit organisation, we continue to use art as a catalyst to promote cohesion, inclusion, social justice, diversity, and fight prejudice and xenophobia. We strongly believe everyone deserves access and to be equally represented in the arts, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, nationality, age or disability, and they should reflect the societies we live in. In addition to this, we have always valued integrity, passion, skill and dedication and made sure that the work we represent embodies all these qualities.


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The Choreographic Marathon 2022

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THE CHOREOGRAPHIC MARATHON 2022…upcoming May 2022, September 2022 

For artists in All forms of MOVEMENT ARTS >  (Canada and International) ...and responders in visual, sound, literary forms

PROPOSE NOW > some fellowships being offered this year!!

Ultra-Intensive Creation & Development Exchange 

The work is centred on the week of the 2-day intensive and continues over 4 months.

For established and emerging movement artists in All forms, who want to advance your clarity of purpose and process, through a work that is brewing, with your collaborators within a community of similarly rigorous, supportive and challenging movement artists

LOCATION “hybrid” (online & in studio) so no travel needed 

Led by master mentor Maxine Heppner with a circle of senior facilitators such as Susan Lee, Takako Segawa, Jessica Runge, Junia Mason, Sashar Zarif, Charmaine Headley, Kate Alsterlund (Agent Lynx), Peter Jenkins and Associates

ACROSS OCEANS ARTS programs > deepening collaboration through arts for over 30 years

The Chroeographic Marathon is supported by the Toronto Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts, AO Angels & in partnership with Pia Bouman Studios

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Fellowship covers some artist expenses. Proposal admin fee is $20.
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