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INQRVENTION is a project that started in 2020, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. The initial objective of the project was to attract the public in strategic locations to giant murals full of QRcodes spread throughout the city. — Each code would give access to a


'SPHERE → WORLD CINEMA CARNIVAL' is introducing world's largest and first multidisciplinary festival to celebrate the visual arts.
We are faithful to several art forms and cinematic values. Our purpose is to introduce and develop the exceptional and powerful independent artist industry. We know and believe visual art is the only medium to transform the thinking process and generate a new profile in the world scenario.


In 2010 a film festival was born in Patmos island; surrounded by friends and colleagues who believed in the vision to create a filmmakers’ meeting point on the Aegean. Since then the Aegean Film Festival has transformed into an international festival and platform for the development of new projects and ideas and the promotion of unique works.

The Festival has the mission to educate, entertain, and invite filmmakers and artists to a unique celebration of cinema. The Festival Team is delighted and honoured to invite and filmmakers in the islands of Patmos and Paros in order to present their work to both international and local audiences.

Festival of Cinema NYC accepting entries for their 2020 poster design contest!

Right now the world is on hold and the future seems uncertain during these unpredictable times. However, the team at Festival of Cinema continues to remain positive and optimistic that we will defeat this and that we as a species will come out of it triumphant.

In the spirit of being an organization that brings art and culture to our society, we encourage all our friends, followers, families, filmmakers and artists alike to get innovative. We want you make the best of your time while fulfilling your duty to stay inside and help flatten the curve.  

REAKTOR International Film Festival

With its third edition REAKTOR will be presenting films from all over the world. Four days of screenings will display hidden jewels, rebels without a cause, monstrous abysses, heartbreaking beauty. International film makers will share their contemporary favourites complementing the jury’s selection from the submissions.

International Endoscopic Film Festival

Axle Contemporary seeks short video works utilizing endoscopic camera footage.

People have always been finding ways to look inside, behind, and beyond.  With the invention of the endoscopic camera we can now easily look inside holes and pipes and bodies.

Today endoscopes are routinely used for arthroscopic surgery, and colonoscopy. Plumbers have adopted the technology for diagnosing blockages, feeding borescopes deep into household and municipal sewer pipes. As the technology had blossomed, uses for the endoscope have expanded. Mechanics look inside machines, biologists look inside underground nests, and treasure hunters look into storm drains. Endoscopic cameras are now available for as little at $20.


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