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International Endoscopic Film Festival





Axle Contemporary seeks short video works utilizing endoscopic camera footage.

People have always been finding ways to look inside, behind, and beyond.  With the invention of the endoscopic camera we can now easily look inside holes and pipes and bodies.

Today endoscopes are routinely used for arthroscopic surgery, and colonoscopy. Plumbers have adopted the technology for diagnosing blockages, feeding borescopes deep into household and municipal sewer pipes. As the technology had blossomed, uses for the endoscope have expanded. Mechanics look inside machines, biologists look inside underground nests, and treasure hunters look into storm drains. Endoscopic cameras are now available for as little at $20.

Axle Contemporary is now pleased to announce the International Endoscopic Film Festival. A series of short films to be screened in Axle’s mobile artspace from June 12-21, 2020, in conjunction with the Currents Festival of New Media Art.

Axle welcomes all filmmakers and artists to create and submit short films (3 minutes max) for consideration for the festival. All films must use footage captured with an endoscopic or borescopic camera. Other footage can also be included. Footage can be captured by the filmmaker or repurposed from medical or commercial borescope footage.

Submission deadline:  April 17

Notification of acceptance:  May 1

File delivery by: May 15


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 

Barcelona International Short Film and Video Festival





BSF 2020 will screen in Barcelona in October 2020. All of the films will have English Subtitles. 

BSF is an international, juried short film festival based in Barcelona, Spain. BSF screens outstanding short film, animation, docs, experimental and video art. We understand that some short film and video blur the lines of typical film festival categories, so we also enthusiastically encourage non-traditional and experimental formats. 

The stories of and by women, girls and non-binary people are underrepresented in film festivals, so we want to encourage submissions from anyone self-identifying as a woman, non-binary and/or anyone telling stories about women, girls and non-binary people.

An international jury will select the winning categories including, Best International Short Film or Video 2020, which will receive 1000€. 

You can view the trailers for the 2019 selection and winners on our Vimeo page:

You can view the 2019 Programme here:

BSF is run by Assoicació Techne Barcelona, a non-profit organization for the promotion and showcasing of art. Associació Techne Barcelona supports a culture of equality, diversity and non-discrimination.

El BSF és un festival internacional de curtmetratges amb seu a Barcelona que projecta destacats curtmetratges, animacions, documentals i video art. Som conscients que alguns curtmetratges i documentals transgredeixen les divisions dels festivals de cinema tradicionals, i per tant també ens encantarà rebre propostes en formats experimentals i no tradicionals.

Els films fets per i sobre dones, nenes i persones no binàries tenen poca visibilitat en els festivals de cinema. És per això que volem animar a qualsevol que s'identifiqui com a dona o persona no binària a que expliqui històries sobre dones, nenes i persones no binàries.

Un jurat internacional de cineastes i vídeo-artistes seleccionarà els curtmetratges guanyadors, entre ells el de Millor Curtmetratge Internacional, que rebrà 1000 €.

El BSF està organitzat per l'Associació Techne Barcelona, que no té ànim de lucre i promou una cultura d'igualtat, diversitat i no discriminació

El BSF es un festival internacional de cortometrajes con jurado, con sede en Barcelona, que proyecta destacados cortometrajes, animaciones, documentales, arte experimental y vídeo. Somos conscientes de que algunos cortometrajes y documentales transgreden las divisiones de los festivales de cine tradicionales, y por eso también nos encantará recibir propuestas en formatos experimentales e innovativos.  
Las películas hechas por y sobre mujeres, niñas y personas no binarias tienen poca visibilidad en los festivales de cine, por lo que queremos animar a cualquiera que se identifique como mujer o persona no binaria a que cuente historias sobre mujeres, niñas y personas no binarias.  
Un jurado internacional de cineastas y vídeo-artistas seleccionará los cortometrajes ganadores, entre ellos el Mejor Cortometraje Internacional o Video Artístico, que recibirá 1000 €. 
El BSF está organizado por la Associació Techne Barcelona, que no tiene ánimo de lucro y promueve una cultura de igualdad, diversidad y no discriminación.

Prizes Details: 

‘BSF Best International Short Film or Video 2020’ - this award receives laurels and 1000€

Best Performance (laurels)

Best Cinematography (laurels)

Best Animation Short (laurels)

Best Documentary Short (laurels)

Best Experimental Short (laurels)

Best Narrative Short (laurels)

Best SFX (laurels)

Best Audio (laurels)

Audience Award (laurels)

All work selected for screening will receive ‘BSF 2020 OFFICIAL SELECTION’ laurels.


Entry Fee:

Fee Detail: 
Contact & Links: 

Global Nonviolent Film Festival




Global Nonviolent Film Festival is the most important and renowned nonviolent film festival in the world and it takes place on-line.

The 2020 and 9th edition of the Festival takes place September 24 - October 4. 

This is an on-line film Festival. All the nonviolent feature films, documentaries, shorts and music videos selected to participate in the Festival will be screened during the above-mentioned dates on the Festival's TV Channel on Vimeo exclusively:

All films submitted MUST BE NONVIOLENT: the Festival does not accept films that showcase explicit or graphic violence; implied acts of violence may be accepted if they are justified by the message of the film. 

Prizes Details: 

The Festival accepts submissions and awards films in the following categories: 

Feature Live Action Film (over 40 minutes) 
Feature Animation Film (over 40 minutes) 
Feature Documentary (over 40 minutes) 
Feature Docudrama (over 40 minutes) 
Short Live Action Film (min. 10 minutes - max. 40 minutes) 
Short Documentary (min. 10 minutes - max. 40 minutes) 
Short Animation Film (min. 10 minutes - max. 40 minutes) 
Short Docudrama (min. 10 minutes - max. 40 minutes) 
Video Music


Entry Fee:

Contact & Links: 


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