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“Shifting Perspectives on Trauma” Art Exhibition


The Perception Project is a Los Angeles based art-for-healing non-profit organization devoted to providing survivors of trauma (muses) with services that take on creative forms as expressive outlets and serve the local community. Between an artist/survivor collaboration, the muse provides a personal story, and the artist creates a masterpiece showcasing the muse's strength and inner beauty. These works are showcased through public art exhibitions designed to promote mental-health awareness, then gifted to the muses as a symbol of their strength. 



About the Project:

The volunteer artist will

Call for artists and art curator maximum reward of $10,000

The best artwork is rewarded weekly. Maximum reward is $10,000.
In order to collect excellent artworks from all over the world, we have decided to ask this task to art curator in public. A person who submits the most fascinating artwork will be rewarded. We will judge the submitted artworks strictly by reviewing them manually and evaluating them fairly. The best and some of the winner’s artworks will be posted on our online gallery.
Register as an applicant and send an URL link of your artwork.
The gallery will accept artwork on any subject. Please submit an URL link of your artwork. The artwork can be anything from a picture from Facebook page or URL of imgur, as far as you think this is great art.

Final Draft

Final Draft

June 26, 2020 - August 7, 2020

Deadline to enter: May 4th, 2020


The Call for Entry: 

The Foundry Art Centre is seeking submissions for “Final Draft”, an exhibition showcasing design and illustration in fine art. Design and illustration affects and constructs our daily lives; from websites and social media, to billboards and greeting cards, to the way we navigate our surroundings. Visuals created with purpose and intentional design. While they can be utilized differently, illustration and design have long gone hand in hand. For this exhibition we invite all designers and illustrators to display their work in a Fine Art setting. All media is considered for submission.



Funky Ferndale Art Fair

Established Edgy Art Fair Seventeenth Year - September 18-20 Twice as funky as the average juried fine art fair. This one is a favorite of many artists and shoppers. Deadline May 11 

Stony Creek Art Fair

Beautiful Park - Convenient Date First Year, Big News - July 25-26 The popular Stony Creek Metropark is in the heart of Michigan’s lake country. Big homes and high incomes. Perfect for the week after Ann Arbor. 

Belle Isle Art Fair

Strong Sales - Perfect Location Fifth Year - August 1-2 An amazing high end art fair next to the stunning Scott Fountain. Deadline April 20 


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